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Failure by a student to pay a financial obligation owed to the University or to any department, division, or agency thereof, will result in denial of readmission, denial of transcripts, denial of registration for ensuing terms, and withholding of diplomas. Failure to pay tuition or to arrange for a payment plan by the deadline described below will result in administrative withdrawal from all courses and the program (dis-enrollment). Tuition for the entire term (RP 5.7.3) is still owed.


  1. The initial billing statement is available on-line two weeks prior to the start of the term. An e-mail notification is sent to all students at their UNMC student email account. This email will direct the student to log into My Records to access their bill. The due date recognized by the billing office is the one printed on the email notification and on the billing statement. Students must make all effort to contact Student Accounts in advance of the deadline if they anticipate having difficulty in paying their bill as payment plan options may be available.
  2. Every effort is made to inform students of the due date. Failure to receive a billing email notification will NOT be an acceptable excuse for missing the payment deadline. Also, failure to attend class meetings does not constitute withdrawal from the class and does NOT eliminate the obligation to pay all tuition and related fees.
  3. If payment is not received and/or a Nelnet Payment Plan to pay tuition/fees has not been established by the student, an email will be sent to the student’s UNMC email account. Additionally, a second billing statement will be sent to the student’s billing address as recorded in PeopleSoft (mailed to current address if billing address is empty and to permanent address if current address is empty) four (4) days after the due date for the initial billing statement. This email to the student’s UNMC email account and the second billing statement will include the following information:
  4. In the case of dis-enrollment:
    1. A dis-enrollment letter will be sent to the student via certified, return receipt mail. 
    2. Copies of this letter and a change of status form will be sent to the respective academic dean and program director/graduate committee chairperson so that the student can be removed from classes and program activities once the timeline for appeal has expired or an appeal has been decided.
    3. The student will not be allowed to re-enroll during the current semester.
    4. Tuition and fees for the current semester are still due to the University.
    5. If the tuition/fees owed for the current semester (all courses) are paid along with the late fee described above and a re-enrollment fee, the student will be eligible for enrollment for the next semester at the program’s discretion.
    6. The student must again pay all tuition and fees if they re-enroll in the course in a subsequent term.
    7. Disenrollment may affect the student’s financial aid and/or ability to defer student loans.
  5. Students who encounter exceptional personal challenges preventing them from meeting their financial obligations or contacting Student Accounts to arrange for a payment plan may appeal the dis-enrollment decision. Examples of issues that may be considered (among others) include:­­­
    1. Hospitalization for an extended period of time between the first and second due dates
    2. Documented death or serious illness of a family member during the time between the first and second due dates
    3. Major unexpected financial obligation occurring after the start of the semester
  6. Students wishing to appeal their dis-enrollment must:
    1. Submit an email describing the exceptional personal challenges experienced and formally appealing the dis-enrollment to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (or designee) within 7 calendar days after disenrollment
    2. Indicate in the appeal email an understanding of and an agreement to pay the late fee and the re-enrollment fee should the appeal be granted
    3. Continue to attend class and/or required program activities if approved by their program until the outcome of the appeal is decided. 
      1. Students who believe that the exceptional personal challenge could prevent them from attending class and/or required program activities should email the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success for guidance on how to proceed (e.g. contact the Accessibility Services Center).   
    4. The Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (or designee) will respond to the student by email informing the student if their appeal was accepted or not within 7 days of receipt of the email requesting an appeal.
    5. If the appeal is granted, the student must remit the late fee and the re-enrollment fee to UNMC within 3 business days after the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (or designee) responds to the student.
  7. UNMC students who are registered at another University of Nebraska institution may also be subject to the other institution’s fees and procedures. See the respective institution website for current policies and procedures.
  8. In the event that a student’s check is returned unpaid for insufficient funds, UNMC may re-present the check electronically. In the ordinary course of business, the check will not be provided with the student’s bank statement, but a copy can be retrieved by contacting their financial institution. 
Policy Process Applied: Interim
Responsible Officer: UNMC Director of Financial Aid
Date Approved by Responsible Officer: 2/15/2022
Date Approved by Education Council Policy Committee: 12/19/2022
Date Approved by Education Council: 1/19/2023
Date Approved by Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: 1/19/2023
Policy Expiration Date: 1/19/2024
Review Cycle: One-year Interim
Reference: RP 5.3.1, RP 5.7.3
Policy Adopted: BRUN, Minutes, 45, p. 326 (May 16, 1981)
BRUN, Minutes 38, p. 108 (April 19, 1975)