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Basis for Policy

The image of the University of Nebraska, which includes the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), is dependent on many factors. One way image is affected is through communications to both internal and external publics. Successful promotion of image includes consistent communications of the highest quality and standard.

The UNMC Department of Strategic Communications furthers the mission of UNMC, which is to lead the world in transforming lives to create a healthy future for all individuals and communities through premier educational programs, innovative research and extraordinary patient care. The department shapes the image in a variety of ways, including digital media, traditional media, events, marketing, publications, collateral and other channels.

Communication strategies of the UNMC Department of Strategic Communications are rooted in the strategic goals of the campus.

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine have a joint vision to be a world-class health science center and health system. Through communications, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine strive to set themselves apart in cutting edge research and compassionate health care delivered by world-class physicians and health care professionals who are leaders in their fields.



It is the policy of UNMC that paid advertising – via traditional or digital means – except public service announcements or employment advertisements such as those placed in classified sections or professional journals, must be approved by the UNMC Department of Strategic Communications before advertising is placed. Note that Nebraska Medicine is responsible for advertising placed on behalf of the health care system.

Forms of advertisements which do not need to be reviewed, such as employment advertisements, legal notices or clinical research studies, must meet the following criteria regarding the acceptable content and purposes of advertising:

  • Content of UNMC advertising must be measured primarily by truth and accuracy. False or misleading statements or statements that would lead an uninformed individual to draw false conclusions about UNMC are unacceptable and unethical. Truthfulness and accuracy of content must be beyond question.
  • Because comparative advertising typically involves the greatest risk of legal exposure, it may be appropriate to have such advertising reviewed by legal counsel. Direct comparisons between UNMC and another institution should not be made unless they can be measured and substantiated.

Advertising should be considered as part of an overall program that includes Strategic Communications, marketing and other endeavors that relate UNMC to its defined communities or audiences.

For more detailed information, contact the Department of Strategic Communications.

Distribution of Newspapers and Periodicals on Campus

Racks of newspapers and periodicals cannot be placed on UNMC property without written approval from the UNMC Department of Strategic Communications. UNMC reserves the right to deny requests for distribution of materials determined to not be in keeping with UNMC values. It is the policy of UNMC to manage the distribution of newspapers and periodicals on campus in such a way to assure:

  • Equitable access to distribution channels for newspapers and periodicals as space is available
  • A professional appearance
  • Consideration to newspapers and periodicals that are informative in nature. Those that promote a single product, company or organization will not be considered for campus distribution.

It is not the policy to restrict or limit individual access to newspapers and periodicals. For this reason, this policy applies only to mass distribution of newspapers and periodicals on campus. It does not apply to newspapers and periodicals made available in the library or distributed through individual subscriptions.

For more information, contact the Department of Strategic Communications.

University of Nebraska Medical Center Logo and Seal

Board of Regents Policy 1.4 identifies standards on stationery letterhead, envelopes, business cards, informational publications, self-mailers and other printed and electronic materials. The UNMC logo should be used prominently on all official materials produced by UNMC. Logos can be requested through the logo section of UNMC Brand Wise.

For more information, refer to UNMC Brand Wise.

News Media

It is the policy of UNMC that all contact with the news media involving UNMC faculty, staff, students or patients of UNMC health providers, be carried out through the UNMC Department of Strategic Communications. The policy centralizes and facilitates the service provided to the media, assists UNMC in the timely management of Strategic Communications issues and protects the confidentiality of patients in accordance with guidelines set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). (See UNMC Policy No. 6045, Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Patient and Proprietary Information).

Nebraska Medicine Marketing, Planning and Media Relations

Media requesting information on patients hospitalized at Nebraska Medicine, or patient condition updates, should be directed to Nebraska Medicine’s media team. After hours, media should call the main hospital number, 402-552-2000, and ask for the nurse resource coordinator.

For more information, see UNMC Policy No. 6030, Informed Consent for UNMC Media Production and Distribution or contact the Department of Strategic Communications. The Media Authorization Form [CON-0043 (Rev. 7/03)] can be downloaded from Brand Wise Media Authorization Forms.


See University of Nebraska Board of Regent Policy 3.3.9, Endorsement of Commercial Goods and Services by the University and University Staff.


It is the policy of UNMC that publications intended for distribution to external and internal audiences meet the highest standards of writing, editing, photographic, graphic and production, as well as being prepared using the most efficient and effective methods of production and distribution. This does not apply to: research papers, journal articles, manuscripts and other scholarly works intended for academic audiences; or policy statements, handouts, instructional materials or internal memoranda.

For more information, contact the Department of Strategic Communications.

Animal Research and Comparative Medicine Communications

One of the missions of UNMC is to conduct valuable biomedical research which requires the use of laboratory animals for the benefit of Nebraskans and society at large. Interviews will be granted upon request by appropriate officials.

Additional Information

Policy No.: 6001
Effective Date: 10/17/03
Revised Date: 01/03/22
Reviewed Date: 01/03/22