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This policy applies to all UNMC colleges and institutes.

Policy Statement

  1. All colleges and institutes shall maintain and publish a set of procedures by which a student may formally submit a grievance against a faculty member for an alleged violation of the UNMC Code of Conduct and grievances related to conditions that adversely impact the student’s ability to successfully complete their program of study.
  2. These procedures shall not supersede any existing UNMC or University of Nebraska policies and procedures.
  3. These procedures shall include:
    1. The process by which a student formally files a grievance;
    2. The process by which alleged grievances are investigated by colleges and institutes to determine if the grievance has merit and the process by which a resolution of the grievance is determined; and,
    3. The process by which a student or faculty member can appeal a determination of the merit of the grievance and/or any outcomes rendered by the investigation.

Effective Date: 10/1/2016
Revised Date: 11/19/2022
Policy Process Applied: Standard
Policy Review Cycle: Three Year
Responsible University Administrator(s): Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Responsible University Office(s): Office of Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: H. Dele Davies, MD