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Channing Bunch, Director of the Student Life, Inclusion & Diversity Office (SLIDO)
Williams Science Hall 2.0.101 

UNMC students carry with them a breadth of interests which evolve and expand over time and that students should be free to organize and join associations to promote those interests. The Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO) is committed to the importance of these student associations in: 

  • the development of leadership skills
  • creating a vibrant campus culture
  • enhancing the quality of life of students
  • building a high quality student experience

UNMC’s social, professional, service and advisory organizations are an integral part of life on campus. Membership in many is open to all Medical Center students. Others are open only to students of a particular health professional program or to persons with specified academic achievements. All organizations invite the interest and attention of students and conduct meetings open to nonmembers.

New Organizations

UNMC students who wish to form new student organizations and who plan to use campus facilities and services must receive formal recognition and approval. Application forms and guidelines can be found on Engage. For more information contact Channing Bunch by email or at 402-559-3928.

Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Student Organizations

AAPI Student Association
The AAPI Student Association is an interprofessional network whose mission is to facilitate meaningful connection and cultural exchange between students who identify as AAPI or are interested in learning about the AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) community.

Aging Interprofessional Group
AIG is a dynamic group of students who organize and facilitate events with the support from faculty advisors related to aging and older adults. The purposes of the Aging Interprofessional Group are to promote interdisciplinary healthcare that is essential to providing quality care to the geriatric population, recognize a growing need for geriatric knowledge across medical care settings and aim to inform & elevate awareness of geriatric needs and issues that are unique to this population, and provide students from all disciplines with opportunities to interact with geriatric patients and to practice clinical skills as they relate to this population.

American Cancer Society on Campus at UNMC
American Cancer Society (ACS) On Campus is a branch of the American Cancer Society that brings the fight against cancer directly to students through fundraising activities, encouraging education, raising awareness, inspiring advocacy, and celebrating survivorship.

Bridge to Care (BTC)
Bridge to Care is an interdisciplinary student organization at UNMC that focuses on improving the health outcomes for recently resettled refugees in the Omaha area. It aims to discern group-specific needs; aid in acculturation and health care education; and improve cultural awareness among health care providers and students.

Campus Fellowship for Christ
Campus Fellowship for Christ assists medical students from any religious background in exploring elements of the Christian faith through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. We also receive guidance and mentorship from Christian medical professionals at events such as Healthcare Dinners and Ethics Lunches, which take place each semester.

Climb. Relax. Adventure. Gather.
Climb. Relax. Adventure. Gather. (CRAG) is a student-run, non-profit organization designed to provide UNMC students a safe and affordable means to learn rock climbing techniques, develop a deep knowledge of advanced climbing techniques and socialize with other climbers. CRAG aims to foster a deeper community within UNMC and the greater University of Nebraska campuses in a way that encourages students to stay active and have fun.

Community Home Elder Safety Solutions
The Community Home Elder Safety Solutions group (CHESS) is an interprofessional organization at the University of Nebraska Medical Center focusing on the well-being of older adults. CHESS members strive to improve the quality of life of elders in the UNMC community by enhancing their autonomy and decreasing their risk of accidents in the home. Students from all Colleges at UNMC are eligible to participate, including: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health.

Do juSTIce
Douglas County is unfortunately known for its high rates of both Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis, and correctional centers in general are known to have higher rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) than the general population. With these facts in mind, we hope to help decrease the incidence/prevalence of STIs by providing STI and sexual health education to incarcerated individuals, both teenagers and adults. Additionally, we help provide STI screening and treatment for adults.

Doc'Apella is a singing group open to all UNMC students. We engage in group rehearsals to prepare for performances in various settings and venues, from organized events such as holiday celebrations to more impromptu singing in the hospital wards. We aim to foster community and enhance well-being through the shared endeavor of making music as a creative outlet and as a service to patients.

EMPOWER is a student-led, interprofessional initiative founded in 2008 as a University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Service Learning Legacy project based in the College of Public Health. We have greatly expanded from our original foundations in the College of Public Health, as we now have board members from many of the colleges on campus. EMPOWER has a twofold mission focused on awareness and education of interpersonal violence. We achieve this through on-campus activities and community outreach events. EMPOWER seeks to provide students, health care providers, and community members opportunities to become involved in efforts to minimize domestic and sexual violence in our community and beyond. We hold seminars monthly that are dedicated to a certain topic surrounding interpersonal violence (i.e., sexual violence, domestic violence, and sex trafficking). All seminars are open to all UNMC students and faculty and UNMC health care providers.

Fostering the Future (FTF)
Fostering the Future is an interprofessional organization interested in impacting at risk youth in the Omaha metro.

French Speaking Student Association (FRENSS)
FRENSS creates a platform for students, faculty, and staff from African French-Speaking countries to become global leaders in health sciences through the exchange of ideas and expertise for the development of innovative cross-cultural projects in the United States and Africa.

Graduates & Professionals Representing Achievement, Diversity and Service (G.R.A.D.S.)
G.R.A.D.S. is an interprofessional, student-led group committed to providing a supportive network, representing diverse backgrounds reaching toward achievement, encouraging diversity, and serving the UNMC campus and Omaha community. Group offerings include monthly professional development lunch hour meetings, volunteer opportunities, faculty mentoring, and social gatherings. Any student interested in building community and engaging in volunteer opportunities is invited to join.

iEXCEL Student Society
The iEXCEL Student Society is an Interprofessional student group that works to advance health care professions education through different modes of simulation. As a member, you are able to participate in various projects inside the Davis Global Center, headquarters of iEXCEL and the most advanced simulation center worldwide. Various projects and involvement include, but are not limited to: hosting VIP visitors and participating in tours and other development opportunities; designing survey and conducting research; organizing and designing Interprofessional simulation events; participating in focus groups; test new modules prior to project completion; etc.

Inclusive Nebraska
In partnership with Inclusive Communities (IC), a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting inclusivity. Creating series of lunchtime events throughout the academic year for UNMC students with a focus on building an inclusive culture on campus, improving inclusivity in workplace interactions, and providing more inclusive patient care.

International Student Association
The International Student Association (ISA) caters to all the international students and scholars across campus. ISA holds major international events like Holi every year. In addition, with help from the Student Senate, ISA provides an opportunity for students to present information about their home countries through the monthly event- breaking barriers. ISA works around the basic idea that everyone is welcome at UNMC!

Latino Medical Student Association
The Latino Medical Student Association unites and empowers medical students through service, mentorship and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community. This organization is open to any UNMC student who is interested in pursuing underserved and or global medicine in the Latino population. 

Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine is dedicated to educating all students about healthy eating, exercise, sleep, and overall wellness for students and their patients

MUNA Box works closely with refugee and immigrant institutions, religious institutions, and community centers in the Omaha and Lincoln areas to provide nutritional and hygiene support to those in need.

Omaha Advocacy Club
The purpose of OAC is to introduce students to the different communities present in Omaha, Nebraska. An emphasis will be placed on the barriers to health care that diverse patient populations in Omaha face and how students can advocate for these populations to overcome health disparities. Monthly events throughout the academic year will allow students to learn about a variety of different special populations within Omaha, including but not limited to self-defined communities based on ethnicity, race, gender, age, disabilities, or sexual orientation. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to develop patient advocacy skills during an annual Omaha Service Trip, where members will work closely with multiple local organizations whose aim is to address health barriers for specific communities within Omaha.

One For the World
One For the World educates people about the effective philanthropy and provides individuals with a sample platform to donate to the worlds most effective charities, doin the most to help people living in extreme poverty. Together, we can prevent the death and suffering of the world's most vulnerable people.  OFTW works hard in order to make sure our portfolio features the most impactful charities in the world. We work closely with GiveWell, a top-ranked charity evaluator to determine our charity portfolio. Even though many of the nonprofits work across numerous countries and regions, their frontline work is rooted in local, on-the-ground operations. Our charities and their evaluators go to great lengths to ensure that treatments and interventions are as beneficial as possible to the communities they serve and are delivered in close partnership with local Governments, NGOs and communities. 

Primary Care Progress
Primary Care Progress (PCP) is a primary care interest group for anyone at UNMC who shares a passion for primary care. The group is always working towards the revitalization of an interprofessional generation of leaders in primary care. PCP is harnessing a student-led grassroots mobilization strategy, teaching students and other trainees skills in leadership, innovation, and advocacy so they can promote primary care, advance innovations in care delivery, and accelerate educational reform.

Reproductive Health Advocates (RHA)
Reproductive Health Advocates is an organization made up of UNMC students who are directly involved with reproductive healthcare. This can include those from PA, nursing, pharmacy, medical, and allied health colleges. Our group holds educational events about reproductive healthcare regulations and laws at a state and national level. We also work to write letters and give testimony for the Nebraska Unicameral to provide non-biased medically accurate information to lawmakers deciding the future of reproductive healthcare in our state. In addition, we host clinical educational events where physicians instruct students with skills such as IUD insertion and D&C. Our organization is open for all viewpoints and encourages anyone interested to attend meetings and informational sessions. 

Student Alliance for Global Health (SAGH)
The Student Alliance for Global Health (SAGH) is a multi-disciplinary organization focused on service and international healthcare. Our organization features speakers on global health, engages in philanthropic initiatives, and hosts international medical service trips. SAGH hosts an interprofessional medical mission trip to Falmouth, Jamaica annually during spring break. 

Student Alliance for People of All Abilities (SAPAA)
SAPAA is a multidisciplinary, interprofessional student interest group devoted to outreach and education about working with individuals of all motor, emotional, and cognitive abilities. Partnering with MMI, members will engage in activities and projects all geared towards improving the lives of others and to learn ways of providing more targeted care.

Student Association for Rural Health (SARH)
The Student Association for Rural Health (SARH) is an intercollegiate student interest group open to all UNMC students who are interested in rural health and connecting to communities they wish to serve while preparing themselves to become leaders in health care. Students gain knowledge and experience that will help them lead rural communities to better health through service learning, mentorship, and educational opportunities. SARH members meet monthly for both presentations from regional experts on rural health topics and for hands-on experiential activities.

Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students (SPOTS)
SPOTS is dedicated to teaching teens and pre-teens about sun safety and skin cancer prevention. 

UNMC Culinary Interest Group
The purpose of this organization is to:

  1. Enhance the wellness of students at UNMC by means of fellowship in the culinary arts.
  2. Broaden cultural awareness through exposure to differences in dietary habits and cuisine.
  3. Engage in philanthropic endeavors involving food insecurity.
  4. Improve general nutritional literacy for the benefit of both health professionals themselves and their future patients.

UNMC One Health
This group will raise awareness about One Health.  It will educate students about One Health, why One Health is important, and how it impacts the practice of various health professions. This organization will provide a forum for collaboration on research and practice experiences related to One Health. This group will work to possibly create a One Health Certificate program at the College of Public Health for future students.  

UNMC Racquet Club
UNMC Racquet Club provides professional students opportunities for teamwork building, networking, and unrivaled competition in racquet sports without the demands of a dedicated league or collegiate level competition.

UNMC Student Delegates
UNMC Student Delegates is a grassroots advocacy program comprised of a network of people who are interested in receiving state and federal legislative updates, and who are willing to  advocate on issues of importance to UNMC and the University of Nebraska. We hold educational events about different legislative topics in the fall, and advocate on behalf of student-selected legislation in the Nebraska Unicameral in the spring.

UNMC Student Interprofessional Society (SiS)
The aims of the UNMC Student Interprofessional Society are to promote the development of UNMC students as successful interprofessional team members, provide input regarding the existing IPE curriculum at UNMC and formulate new ideas for IPE integration within the current educational framework of this institution. As a group, we hope to promote the development of UNMC students as successful interprofessional team members.

UNMC Student Pride Alliance (SPA)
University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Student Pride Alliance is a campus-wide Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Ally (LGBTQIA+) education and support group. SPA fosters acceptance of students, faculty and staff to create a more diverse and accepting environment. In addition, the alliance advocates patient care issues and health disparities that disproportionately affect the LGBTQIA+ community. The group meets regularly throughout the year, and meetings are open to all students, faculty, and staff.

UNMC Student Senate
The UNMC Student Senate exists for the purpose of influencing University policy and promoting the interests of all students attending UNMC. As the official representative of the student body, the Senate consists of senators from each educational unit of UNMC. Class presidents or vice-presidents automatically serve as senate representatives upon election. At-large senators are elected each year in November by their fellow students in Allied Health Professions, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health. The president of the UNMC Student Senate serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.

White Coats for Black Lives (WC4BL)
White Coats For Black Lives is a group of medical students, house staff, and faculty at UNMC, led by medical students, that seeks to dismantle racism in medicine and promote the health, well-being, and self-determination of people of color. We aim to achieve the national goals of fostering dialogue on racism as a public health concern, ending racial discrimination in medical care, and preparing future physicians to be advocates for racial justice. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about racial justice in medicine!