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ABA PhD Student Task Force at UNMC
The ABA PhD Student Task Force at UNMC is a student-run, non-profit organization founded Summer of 2022. Our vision is to encourage and organize student lead social events, promote a safe and welcoming student environment across student cohorts, disseminate program-specific resources for new students in the ABA PhD program (i.e., Serve Behavior Program, Autism Care for Toddlers Clinic [ACT/ACTION], Early Intervention, and Pediatric Feeding Program). Through these endeavors, we aim to enhance the student graduate experience by establishing a community across student cohorts. 

Graduate Student Association
The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the University of Nebraska Medical Center serves as a voice for graduate students by advocating for and representing them in the UNMC Student Senate and Graduate Council. While the GSA executive officers consist of graduate students that are elected by their peers, all graduate students are welcome to participate by attending the monthly meetings and/or joining a GSA committee. Throughout each semester, the GSA will host seminar speakers, workshops, and social events. Look for flyers hung up in your respective department and email notices as these events approach. Visit the GSA website for more information about this UNMC student organization.

UNMC Graduate Consulting Club
The UNMC Graduate Consulting Club aims to provide students from UNMC graduate and medical schools with the necessary tools and insight to explore and prepare for a career in management consulting firms. The scope of the Consulting Club includes, but is not restricted to case preparation, resume building, networking, panel discussions, case competitions, and seminars.