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Philip D. Covington, Ed.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success
Williams Science Hall, 2nd and 3rd floors; Student Life Center  

The Division of Student Success provides a variety of services for both students and academic offices at UNMC. Current units of the division are listed below. Students who are unable to identify the appropriate office to meet their needs, who have general questions, or who have problems/concerns are invited to contact the Division of Student Success. 

Accessibility Services Center

The Accessibility Services Center (ASC) collaborates with students, administrators, faculty, and staff to ensure access to reasonable and appropriate student disability accommodations for academic programs and student involvement. ASC offers multiple service modalities to students. This includes office correspondence via email, fax, or telephone, as well as scheduled appointments via Zoom, telephone, or in-person.

Center for Healthy Living

Whether you would like information on memberships, help getting started on a new fitness program, or to get involved with intramural sports, the staff at the Center for Health Living can assist you on your wellness journey. Various indoor and outdoor intramural leagues are held throughout the year and are divided into fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons. These leagues are open to UNMC and Nebraska Medicine faculty, staff, students, and their families. Sports offered include basketball, volleyball, soccer,indoor and outdoor), Pickleball, golf, softball, dodgeball, badminton, kickball, curling, broomball, and more! 

Central Scheduling Office 

The mission of the Central Scheduling Office (CSO) is to coordinate with UNMC and community partners to optimize the scheduled use of facilities across all UNMC campuses in the promotion of its mission of transforming lives through premier education, innovative research, and extraordinary care.

Counseling & Psychological Services 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) shares counseling resources between UNMC and UNO to provide enhanced support for all students as they pursue their academic and career goals. UNMC students have full access to enhanced and expanded mental wellness services, which remain confidential and free of charge.* Our licensed counselors are dedicated to the well-being of students at all levels of education as they pursue their academic and career goals. Counseling needs may change over time, and students will continue to have access to mental health support throughout their academic journey.

Call 402-559-7276 during regular office hours to speak with our professional staff for crisis support and consultation. After-Hours Emergencies may contact 402-559-7276 and press "2" after the prompt. This will connect you with a licensed counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, even when the University is closed. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. 

Gender & Sexuality Resource Center

The mission of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center is to foster and promote equity, access, and inclusion for all genders and sexualities through education, resources, advocacy, and activism. This office provides specific programs and services for women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer spectrum, trans spectrum, intersex, asexual, two-spirit, non-straight, and gender non-conforming (LGBTQIA2S+) peoples, and survivors of interpersonal violence at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO).

Office of the University Registrar/Academic Records

The Office of Academic Records is located on the second level of Williams Science Hall. The Academic Records Office includes the areas of registration and records. The office's services include:

  • Creating and maintaining permanent records for current and previous students.
  • Processing transcript requests and state licensure forms.
  • Coordinating graduation ceremonies.
  • Evaluating transfer credit and credit by exam.

Grades posted to a UNMC student transcript may be changed only upon request of the faculty member who is the instructor of record for the course for which the grade was awarded or by order of the appropriate dean upon action of the academic unit’s evaluation appeals committee. Only the corrected grade will be shown on the transcript.  All dismissals and withdrawals are posted on the transcript along with the date of the action.

UNMC Commencement/Graduation
UNMC awards degrees in May, August and December.  Formal ceremonies are held in May (Kearney, Norfolk, Lincoln, Omaha and Scottsbluff) and December (Omaha).  Further detail and the UNMC Commencement Policies can be found here.

Office of Academic Success  

The Office of Academic Success seeks to enhance the educational journey of UNMC students and coordinate resources and develop tools to enhance university-wide student learning objectives, retention and student academic performance.

Our office assures that all new UNMC students can effectively fulfill the onboarding requirements necessary to continue their academic journey by providing information and tools designed to maximize the student experience.

Office of Financial Aid

The UNMC Office of Financial Aid website contains important information regarding financial aid and scholarships.  The links below direct students to vital information and necessary resources:

Student Life, Inclusion, and Diversity Office (SLIDO) 

The Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO) mission is to advocate for the diversity, equity and inclusive excellence through the development and implementation of best practices and programs that foster student’s success.


  • Advance UNMC's commitment to diversity and inclusion by developing programs that target issues related, but not limited to ability, status, age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, native language, race, religion, sexual orientation, globalization, and socioeconomic background.
  • Promote a sense of community, nationality, and acceptance of differences in ethnicity, religion, economic status, and viewpoints.
  • Provide support services that facilitate the transition, retention, persistence, and graduation of University of Nebraska Medical Center’s students of color.
  • Collaborate with academic units to develop inclusion, diversity and equity content for classes and organize IDE workshops for students.
  • Collaborate with the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success to enhance all students’ satisfaction, not only the satisfaction of students of color. Fund campus committees for IDE
  • Provide leadership in the training and development of student organizations, officers and advisors.

Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) 

The Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) is a free summer enrichment program focused on improving access to information and resources for college students interested in the health professions. SHPEP’s goal is to strengthen the academic proficiency and career development of students underrepresented in the health professions and prepare them for a successful application and matriculation to health professions schools. 

SHPEP at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) provides scholars with an interest in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Public Health with academic enrichment in the basic sciences and math, clinical experiences, career development activities, learning and study skills seminars, and a financial planning workshop. 

Division of Student Success
Williams Science Hall | ZIP 4250
Phone: 402-559-4199
​Fax: 402-559-6796

Philip D. Covington, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success | 402-559-2792 
WSH 3.0.031C

Beverly Hamman, B.S.
Administrative Associate II | 402-559-4196 
WSH 3.0.031A

Andrew P. Faltin, J.D., M.A.
Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives | 402-559-4437 
WSH 3.0.031B

Krysta Larson, B.A.
Communications Specialist | 402-559-3809
WSH 3.0.031SW

Paulo Shila, M.B.A.
Student Success Systems Specialist | 402-559-7266
 WSH 2.0.020A

Accessibility Services Center: 402-554-2872
Student Life Center 2031

Jen Papproth, M.S.
Executive Director | 402-554-2872 

Becky Jacobs, M.S.
Associate Director

Nick Oegema, M.A.
Accessibility Coordinator

Teague Stanley, M.S.W., C.S.W.
Accessibility Specialist

Stephanie Vik, NIC
Interpreter Coordinator

Meghann Cassidy, CI and CT
Staff Interpreter

Andrea Talbot
Office Associate 

Center for Healthy Living: 402-559-5254 | ZIP 5530
Student Life Center 2053

Joel Bauch
Interim Executive Director
UNO Campus Recreation
UNMC Center for Healthy Living | 402-554-2997

Rick Pruch
Administrative Business Associate | 402-559-8422

Peter Pellerito
Fitness Specialist | 402-559-5253

Alec Carstens
Recreation Program Coordinator | 402-559-5093 
Misty Harck
Office/Customer Service Associate | 402-559-5254

Central Scheduling Office
Williams Science Hall 2.0.105

Andrea Swett, M.S.
Central Scheduling Coordinator | 402-836-9906
WSH 2.0.105

Kami Wattenbach, M.B.A.
Central Scheduling Associate | 402-559-7254
WSH 2.0.105

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS): 402-559-7276
Student Life Center 2031

Katherine Keiser, M.S., LIMPH
Interim Associate Director 

Nate Bock, M.S., LIMPH, LADC
Associate Director

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Jaisy Girija Kumar, M.A., LIMPH, LPC, PLADC
Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner
Provisionally Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Mary Kate Hoffmann, M.S.W., LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Amanda Murtaugh, M.A., LMPH
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Dalia Ruvalcaba, M.S., LMPH
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Emilio Herrera, M.S.W., LMPH
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Mark Frillman, B.A., LADC
Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Maida Avdic, M.S.W., M.P.A., PCMSW, PLMHP
Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Zhomontee Watson, M.S., PLMHP
Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Lindsay Linson
Triage Specialist

Gender & Sexuality Resource Center: 402-554-2384
Student Life Center 2031 

Jessi Hitchins, Ph.D.
Director | 402-554-2890

Audre Bedford Hansen
Queer and Trans Coordinator | 402-554-2384

Nicole Naatz
Victim and Survivor Advocate | 402-554-2030

Alex Pecoraco
Victim and Survivor Advocate | 402-554-6458

Nereida Rojas-Lopez
Project Director

Office of the University Registrar/Academic Records: 402-559-2151 | ZIP 4230
Eppley 105 | Williams Science Hall

Matthew Schill
University Registrar | 402-554-3041
6101 University Drive North | Eppley 105

Jenna Olson
Senior Associate Registrar | 402-554-2059
6101 University Drive North | Eppley 105

Ryan Larson
Assistant Registrar | 402-836-9306
WSH 2.0.018

Barbara Breazeale
Records/Commencement Associate | 402-559-1946 
WSH 2.0.014

Office of Academic Success: 402-559-8106
Williams Science Hall

Tymaree Sing
Academic Success Coordinator | | 402-559-8106
WSH 2.0.103

Office of Financial Aid: 402-559-4199 | ZIP 4265
Williams Science Hall

Paula Kohles
Director, Financial Aid
WSH 2.0.019

Karen Freeman, B.S.
Student Loan/Scholarship Coordinator
WSH 2.0.020B

Patrick Hales
Financial Aid Support Specialist
WSH 2.0.020A

Meghan Moore
Financial Aid Counselor
WSH 2.0.020C

Rachael Lane
Financial Aid Counselor
WSH 2.0.020D

Student Life Inclusion and Diversity Office (SLIDO): 402-559-3928 | ZIP 4275  
Williams Science Hall

Channing Bunch, M.B.A.
Director | 402-559-3928
WSH 2.0.101

Summer Health Professions Education Program: 402-559-5932
Williams Science Hall

Sonja Tutsch, Ph.D., M.P.H., B.S.
SHPEP Program Manager | 402-559-5932
WSH 2.0.102

Wellness: 402-552-6002
Poynter Hall

Kati Cordts, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor, Psychiatry
Director of Wellness Research and Education

Ali DeLizza, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor, Psychiatry
Director of Wellness Programming 
Steve Wengel, M.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for UNO/UNMC Campus Wellness 
PYH 6003