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The UNMC Student Handbook transitioned to the online UNMC CourseLeaf Catalog beginning August 1, 2018. Student policies and procedures that were located in the UNMC Student Handbook can now be found here. All UNMC students are responsible for the policies listed below, policies found in the Student Policies section of the UNMC Policy Wiki, and other policies listed in the Policy and Procedures section of UNMC Policy Wiki that apply to students. 

UNMC students must also abide by the policies and procedures applicable to their individual colleges and programs. For more information on those policies and procedures, please consult with your college and/or program student services personnel.  

If you have questions or difficulty locating a policy, please contact Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Philip D. Covington, Ed.D., at 402-559-4437 (

Academic and Professional Performance



Financial Aid/Tuition/Fees


Student Resources