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Policy Scope

This policy applies to all UNMC students.


Encumber: To place an administrative hold or restriction

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the obligations to the University of Nebraska and requirements for enrollment are met. The policy covers obligations to UNMC as well as other campuses in the NU system. Holds may be placed for failing to submit final official transcripts
during the admissions process, financial obligations, missing immunization records, failing to complete compliance requirements as well as others.

To ensure that obligations to UNMC are met, the Division of Student Success will encumber student records and deny registration and official transcript privileges to students, previous students, and graduates who have outstanding obligations to UNMC or other campuses in the NU system. Students can review any holds and impact to services through MyRecords at any time. The placement and release of an encumbrance on a student, previous student or graduate will be the responsibility of the office/unit to which the obligation is outstanding. Upon placement of a Hold, the individual may be denied transcripts and registration for subsequent terms, diplomas, and other services. The student may be disenrolled from current courses in the case of failure to pay tuition and fees (See Delinquent Tuition/Fees Policy).

UNMC will honor holds placed by other campuses in the NU system for financial matters. UNMC students will be required to work with the campus placing the Hold for removal. UNMC staff are not authorized to remove Holds placed by another campus but may assist with communication to the other campus in order to help students resolve outstanding issues. Staff in Student Success can assist with identifying the correct contact at another campus in case of a non-UNMC hold.

Students must contact the office/unit placing the hold via email to resolve any perceived discrepancies.

A “discharge by bankruptcy” does not automatically release holds for some UNMC services and release of transcripts.

Effective Date: April 24, 2014
Revised Date: October 24, 2023
Policy Process Applied: Standard
Policy Review Cycle: Three Years
Responsible University Administrator(s): Dr. Philip Covington, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success
Responsible University Office(s): Office of Academic Records
Policy Contact: Brooke Huntsmann, UNMC Registrar