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  1. UNMC will accept transcripts from US institutions as official when:
    1. Received as a paper copy in a sealed envelope, marked as official
    2. Received as an electronic copy from a recognized institution or organization
      1. Electronic transcripts will be authenticated and stamped as official by the UNMC recipient.
    3. NOTE: Hand-carried/student-submitted transcripts will not be accepted. They must be sent directly from each academic institution via their official transcript service to UNMC.
  2. International Transcripts:
    1. If transcripts are not issued in English, certified English translations must also be submitted. The certified English translation can be completed by a translator who provides a signed statement and indicates that the translation is accurate and true to the original.
    2. Official course-by-course transcript evaluations for credits completed at an international higher education institution must be sent to UNMC directly from a National Association for Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member. See academic program admission guidelines for direction on evaluation agencies acceptable to program.
    3. In exceptional circumstances where the only available transcript is an original in the possession of the applicant, notarized copies may be submitted directly to UNMC.
  3. Students must arrange for official transcripts to be sent to UNMC from every postsecondary institution (college/university) at which they attempted or completed academic work prior to attending UNMC, regardless of whether or not credit was earned. Failure to provide information regarding all post-secondary academic work attempted or completed will be considered fraudulent and may result in withdrawal of admission or dismissal from the university.
  4. Grades earned at another institution do not become a part of the student's UNMC cumulative grade point average, unless earned at another University of Nebraska campus:
    University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), University of Nebraska Kearney (UNK), University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO)

Policy Process Applied: Interim
Responsible Officer: UNMC Registrar
Date Approved by Responsible Officer: 12/20/2021
Date Approved by Education Council Policy Subcommittee: 12/20/2021
Date Approved by Education Council: 1/20/2022
Date Approved by Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: 2/24/2022
Policy Expiration Date: 2/24/2023
Review Cycle: One Year Interim