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Examinations, Tests, Term Papers, and Homework Records

Faculty members must decide either:

  1. to retain custody of materials, such as examinations, term papers, and written or creative assignments, used in the academic evaluation of their students for one term after completion of uncontested grade results posted in the student information system, OR
  2. to make reasonable efforts to return such materials to the student’s custody personally, by mail, by email, or via the course content management system.

After the expiration of the one term, the faculty member may retain the records for personal documentation, use in future courses (with permission), or use for accreditation activities. Academic evaluation materials the faculty member elects to not retain must be disposed of properly.

If a student has filed an appeal of their grade, has been granted an extension of time for the filing of such an appeal, or has challenged the accuracy of their educational records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), all records must be retained for one term after the identified issue has been resolved. In this event, the faculty member is obligated to exercise extraordinary care for the materials in the faculty member’s custody relating to that student’s grade in that course.

Independent Study Courses

Faculty members must either retain documents designating department approval for students to enroll in independent study courses for 5 years after:

  1. The date that the student’s degree was completed OR
  2. The date of last attendance (whichever is sooner).

Internship Program Records

College/programs must either retain records related to student internships, practicums, and cooperative education programs for 5 years after:

  1. The date that the student’s degree was completed OR
  2. The date of last attendance (whichever is sooner).

Programs may be within the University or off campus and for class credit and/or pay.

Medical Student Performance Evaluations

The UNMC Registrar must retain a College of Medicine student’s evaluations of medical and/or professional performance permanently with the student’s transcript. 

Individual Campuses, Colleges or Department Policies

Individual campuses, colleges or departments may, at their discretion, adopt more stringent policies for the retention of materials, provided such policies conform to the procedures outlined above.

Policy Process Applied: Interim
Responsible Officer: UNMC Registrar
Date Approved by Responsible Officer: 3/4/2022
Date Approved by Education Council Policy Committee: 12/19/2022
Date Approved by Education Council: 1/19/2023
Date Approved by Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: 1/19/2023
Policy Expiration Date: 1/19/2024
Review Cycle: One-year Interim
Reference: Schedule 170-17 Student Records (last updated June 19, 2013)
RP-1.7.2 Disposition and/or Preservation of Records
BRUN, Minutes, 63, p. 189 (December 8, 2001)