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Decisions regarding student requests for maternity/paternity leave from any UNMC academic program will demonstrate flexibility and fair treatment and be based on the following principles:

  • Maternity/paternity leave may be requested by the expecting or adoptive mother or father and/or her or his spouse/domestic partner. The length of the leave period will be determined on an individual case basis.
  • Program integrity will be maintained for both the student and the institution. Students taking maternity/paternity leave must complete all program requirements prior to graduation.
  • The educational requirements for the semester or other academic time unit in question must be met before the student can proceed to the next level or stage of the educational program.
  • Depending on the unit of study, students may be able to meet their academic requirements through adjustments in the timing, location, or sequence of their educational experiences. These changes must be approved by the designated Associate Dean (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Allied Health or Graduate Studies).
  • Planning for maternity/paternity leave should be done as far in advance as possible, given the circumstances necessitating the leave request. Students requesting maternity/paternity leave should schedule an appointment with the appropriate contact person for their academic program.
    Medicine – Associate Dean for Admissions and Students
    Nursing – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Pharmacy – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Dentistry – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Allied Health – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Public Health – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Graduate Studies – Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Students with further concerns about the use of this policy may contact the UNMC Ombuds Team at 402-559-2491. Students receiving any form of financial assistance should contact the UNMC Office of Financial Aid at 402-559-4199 prior to taking maternity/paternity leave. Students are also encouraged to utilize UNMC Student Health (402-559-5158) and Counseling and Psychological Services (402-559-7276) if needed.