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Students may on occasion have a need to not enroll at UNMC for one or more semesters for various reasons such as:

  1. personal reasons,
  2. taking classes at another university to support their program of study or
  3. finishing a final project.

Students are encouraged to apply for a Leave of Absence while not enrolled to maximize time remaining for completion of the degree.


Students who wish to remain active in their program but do not enroll for classes in either the fall, spring or summer semester and are not on a Leave of Absence will be considered non-enrolled. Non-enrolled students must notify their academic program office via email of their status by the end of the first week of class each semester they are not enrolled.  If a student does not notify the college that they will not be enrolled at UNMC for a given semester, they are subject to administrative withdrawal.

Students may remain in a non-enrolled status for up to 12 months. During this time:

  1. Non-enrolled students will be allowed to retain access to academic resources such as their ID card, email, network computer drives, student information system, and mailboxes.
  2. Access to the library will remain although inter-library loans will be on a case-by-case basis as determined by library staff.
  3. Students must remain in contact with the UNMC Office of Financial Aid to determine financial consequences of non-enrollment.

At the end of 12 months without course enrollment all UNMC resources such as ID card, email, network computer drives, student information system, mailboxes, and library will be discontinued. These services will be discontinued even if the student elects to take a Leave of Absence.

No student will be officially withdrawn for non-attendance except upon the request of the academic college/program office.

The non-enrolled student status policy does not apply to students who have completed their program and graduated or are non-degree seeking.

Policy Process Applied: Interim
Responsible Officer: UNMC Registrar
Date Approved by Responsible Officer: 12/20/2021
Date Approved by Education Council Policy Subcommittee: 12/19/2022
Date Approved by Education Council: 1/19/2023
Date Approved by Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: 1/19/2023
Policy Expiration Date: 1/19/2024
Review Cycle: One Year Interim