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We want to welcome you to the University of Nebraska Medical Center and our hospital partner, Nebraska Medicine. Our common vision is to be a world-renowned health science center and health system.

This means: 
•    Delivering state-of-the-art, affordable, high-reliability health care;
•    Preparing the best educated health professionals and scientists;
•    Creating the most relevant research and discovery outcomes; 
•    Advancing our historic commitment to community health; 
•    Embracing the richness of diversity, equity, and inclusivity; and
•    Creating economic growth in Nebraska and beyond.

UNMC is a dynamic environment in which to learn. The opportunities in health care and the health sciences today are limited only by your dreams and career aspirations. We challenge you to reach your full potential with our world-class faculty guidance, encouragement, and support. Your success is our success. No calling is more relevant or of greater impact to our society.

You are now part of the UNMC family. We welcome you and our very best wishes as you begin this exciting journey.

Jeffrey Gold, M.D.

Welcome to UNMC, where learner-centered education and cutting-edge research lead to transformed lives and communities. We value the diverse perspectives you bring to our campus that will help spur new ideas, creativity and innovative solutions for the future. You are entering an invigorating academic health science center that values you as an individual but also promotes teamwork and interprofessional education and care. Here you will have the opportunity to benefit from the strong connections we have to our communities and to global partners and make new life-long connections and friends. You will study in state-of-the-art facilities that include augmented and virtual reality, holographic theaters and simulated hospitals and work with researchers and health care professionals known around the world as experts in their fields. You will not only learn from among the best in your own field but get to engage and work with excellent peers and teachers from other professions. You will be supported in getting the skills you need for lifelong learning to ensure your future success because we want you to always be on the cutting edge and be among the leaders in your chosen discipline. The possibilities for your personal growth and learning are limited only by your own diligence, industry and imagination.

H. Dele Davies, M.D., M.Sc., M.H.C.M.
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dean for Graduate Studies
Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health

The last 12 months have tested and transformed our world. From far-overdue social justice reform to the fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have been pushed to adapt and evolve.

In UNMC, regardless of your background,  you have landed at an institution where you will be valued. You will be working alongside students, faculty, and staff who not only lead in their field by pushing scientific boundaries, but also invest time in our community here in Nebraska. You will find peers who value diversity and will be present both for and with you as an emotional support. I hope, no matter your length of stay at UNMC, that you find this place to be a second home.

Please do not hesitate to let me know how UNMC's Student Senate can best support you. We are very fortunate to have you here. Welcome to UNMC.

Taylor Kratochvil
Student Senate President 2021-2022
UNMC Student Regent