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I am delighted to welcome you to UNMC, where we lead in learner-centered education, cutting-edge research, extraordinary patient care and community engagement that transform lives.  We value the diverse perspectives you bring to our campus that will help spur new ideas, creativity, and innovative solutions for the future. You are entering an invigorating academic health science center that values you as an individual but also promotes teamwork and interprofessional education and care. Here you will have the opportunity to benefit from the strong connections we have to our communities and to global partners and make new life-long connections and friends. You will study in state-of-the-art facilities that include augmented and virtual reality, holographic theaters and simulated hospitals and work with researchers and health care professionals known around the world as leading experts in their fields. You will not only learn from among the best in your own field but get to engage and work with excellent peers and teachers from other professions. You will be supported in getting the skills you need for lifelong learning to ensure your future success because we want you to always be on the cutting edge and be among the leaders in your chosen discipline. The possibilities for your personal growth and learning are limited only by your own diligence, industry, and imagination.  Finally, I sincerely hope you will also take advantage of the many clubs, our state of the art physical fitness center, outdoor rink and other amenities we have put in place to make your journey with us fun and filled with memories for a lifetime.

H. Dele Davies, M.D., M.Sc., M.H.C.M.
Interim Chancellor
Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health

Welcome to UNMC!  As you continue your educational journey, we’re thrilled for you to join our community of learners, researchers, and healthcare professionals. We train more health professionals than any other institution in Nebraska. Whether you’re pursuing allied health, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, graduate studies, or another area, UNMC is committed to providing you with exceptional resources, support, and opportunities.

Whichever area you choose, our faculty are dedicated to providing training using the latest teaching tools, technology, and facilities. Our high-quality instruction will enhance your knowledge and skills, ultimately improving patient outcomes and community health.

At UNMC, you will discover various opportunities to enhance your academic growth. UNMC is more than an academic journey—it’s about building connections, personal development, and making an impact in healthcare to create a healthy future for all.

As the interim vice chancellor for academic affairs, I lead the UNMC commitment to ensuring our learners receive the best academic experience. I am proud to be a part of your academic journey and look forward to seeing the great things that you will accomplish.

Jane Meza, PhD
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Professor, Department of Biostatistics

Hello, and welcome to the University of Nebraska Medical Center! We are very pleased that you have chosen to trust our institution to provide you with opportunities and growth in your careers. Your choice was a great one. UNMC is a cutting-edge institution teeming with passionate faculty, supportive staff, and a warm and engaged student body, all committed to serving our community. Whether you are in a smaller Allied Health program or a larger class in the College of Medicine, I am sure that you will find a family-like environment committed to your growth and wellness.
One thing I love about UNMC is that it is always improving. Whether it is in the realm of research, curriculum or wellness, there are always big changes on the horizon! We are dedicated to making the student experience an exceptional one and are always eager for your input. We strive to make the student experience one where diversity and unique experiences are valued, and concurrently create a safe space for perspectives to be shared, evolved, and strengthened. Above all, the thread that binds us all is that we care for one another.
As the Student Body President for this academic year, I want to assure you that you always have my ear. The Student Senate and I are here to listen, advocate for you, and work to help you not only succeed, but thrive. Whether it is by joining the Senate or reaching out, we invite you to engage with us, as we need and value your input. I am confident that all of you will find a place you belong here, and am excited to witness the incredible things we will accomplish this year and in our bright futures.

Pranita Devaraju
Student Senate President 2024-2025
UNMC Student Regent