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This policy applies to all UNMC colleges, institutes, and students.


Academic Evaluation: Any summative or formative assessment or evaluation of a learner including but not limited to individual or comprehensive assessments and final course grades.

Policy Statement

  1. Each UNMC college and institute shall maintain a policy describing the processes by which a student can appeal an academic evaluation, including a definition of the academic evaluations subject to appeal under the policy.
  2. The process governing the appeal will be governed by the college or institute granting the credit for the course in which the evaluation was made, not the college in which the student was enrolled at the time of the evaluation, if applicable.
  3. UNMC college or institute appeals policies shall include the following:
    1. Students initiate appeals by contacting the instructor who made the evaluation.
    2. Each school, institute or equivalent unit shall provide a process to consider the appeal of those cases in which a student can provide evidence the academic evaluation was prejudiced or capricious.

References: RP-5.1.2
Effective Date: 11/19/2022
Revised Date: 11/19/2022
Policy Process Applied: Standard
Policy Review Cycle: Three Years
Responsible University Administrator(s): Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Responsible University Office(s): The Office of Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: H. Dele Davies, M.D.,