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Students may be administratively withdrawn from UNMC for non-academic reasons. These reasons include but are not limited to violation of non-academic policies such as failure to pay tuition and fees; UNMC disciplinary procedures; death of the student; or inability to complete a course due to military deployment.  Administrative withdrawals must be initiated and approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success or a College Dean (or designee).


  1. A Change of Status form will be completed and signed by the individual initiating the withdrawal. A notation that this is an administrative withdrawal and the reason will be noted on the form.
  2. The Comments Field will include:
    1. The reason for the withdrawal;
    2. Whether reinstatement to the program is allowed;
    3. Conditions for reinstatement, if any;
    4. The earliest date of reinstatement; and, 
    5. If the student may not be reinstated, whether the student may reapply to the program and/or may reapply to UNMC in a different program.
  3. The signature of the student will be obtained when possible.
  4. The withdrawal will be approved and signed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success or the College Dean (or designee) .
  5. The Change of Status will be entered into the student information system by the UNMC Registrar and a notation of WX will be placed on the student’s transcript.
  6. The Registrar will notify the PeopleSoft Security Access Specialist, the ID Office Coordinator, Data Installation Services, Student Health, the Center for Healthy Living, Financial Aid staff, Student Accounts staff, and student services personnel from the college in which the student was enrolled.