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The following policy applies to all UNMC students, except for College of Medicine students.*


  • Administrative Withdrawal: A course or program withdrawal initiated by UNMC for non-academic reasons. 
  • Drop: Cancel registration in a course during the specified add/drop period in the academic calendar. 
    • Dropped courses do not appear on a transcript.
  • Encumber: To place an administrative hold or restriction.
  • Session: A part of the term that does not span an entire term/semester.
  • Withdraw: Cancel registration in a course after the specified add/drop period in the academic calendar. 
    • Withdrawn courses do appear on a transcript with a “W” grade if the withdrawal occurs after the specified add/drop period.

Policy Statement

Withdrawal from Course

Students who wish to officially withdraw from a course after the add/drop period and prior to 70% completion of the course will receive a grade of "W" on their transcript. Students must meet with a financial aid counselor and may be subject to certain federal financial aid-related regulations. Students may be eligible for a tuition refund as specified in the Tuition Refund Schedule.

Any withdrawal after 70% completion of the course will result in a student receiving the letter grade earned for the work completed. Any withdrawals after 70% completion of the course, or adjustments to an effective date of withdrawal are only granted in the case of unforeseen extenuating circumstances. Students must speak with their program administrator to determine if their situation warrants an appeal to this policy.

To initiate a course withdrawal, students must complete a Course Withdrawal Request, obtain approval from the program director/academic affairs leadership and file the form with the Office of Academic Records within this period. The official date of withdrawal is the date on which the completed form is filed in the UNMC Office of Academic Records, not the date of last attendance. Non-attendance or notification to the instructor/program director alone does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Withdrawal deadlines for session courses are prorated. Students should consult with the UNMC academic calendar and with their program administrator as needed for specific dates.

Flat-rate tuition programs are not eligible for a refund, unless all courses are dropped for the semester or session. Please refer to the Tuition Refund Schedule for refund timelines.

Withdrawal from Program

A student wishing to withdraw from all courses or withdraw entirely from the program after the add/drop period must first consult the UNMC Office of Financial Aid and their program director/academic affairs leadership before initiating the program withdrawal process. A “W” grade will automatically be noted on a student’s transcript for all withdrawn courses after the add/drop period.

Students with outstanding encumbrances are not entitled to receive, or to have sent on their behalf, transcripts of their academic work until such encumbrances are satisfied.

Military-affiliated students receiving assistance through VA education benefits, please check with the School Certifying Official to discuss the impact of withdrawing.

A student may be administratively withdrawn from the program when they stop attending and do not notify the school they are withdrawing. This will result in a grade of "WX" if the course(s) are in progress.

*Students at the College of Medicine should refer to the College of Medicine catalog for withdrawal policies and procedures.

Effective Date: 3/20/2023
Revised Date: 3/20/2023
Policy Process Applied: Standard 
Policy Review Cycle: Three Years
Responsible University Administrator(s): Dr. Philip Covington, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success
Responsible University Office(s): Office of Academic Records
Policy Contact: Brooke Huntsmann, UNMC Registrar