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Academic Policies and Procedures

Students are responsible for understanding and following all policies of the College of Nursing and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The policies and procedures listed below apply to College of Nursing students in the Undergraduate, Professional (MSN, PGC, and DNP) and Graduate (PhD) programs.

In addition to these policies, the College of Nursing has policies that cover the areas of faculty and our facilities and resources. For more information, see our web site for all policies.

Student Policies

Undergraduate, Professional and PhD Students

  5.1.2   Attendance
  5.1.3   Student Responsibility to Provide Information
  5.1.4   Emotional Health Policy and Guidelines
  5.1.6   Plan of Study Requirements for Undergraduate Nursing Students
  5.1.7   Course Enrollment
  5.1.8   Student Ratings of Instruction
  5.1.9   Undergraduate Grade of Incomplete
  5.1.10   International Nursing Student Exchange
  5.1.11   Proctors for Off Campus Testing
  5.1.12   Access to Student Emergency Assistance/Educational/Development Funds
  5.1.13   Background Checks Disclosure Statements
  5.1.14   Undergraduate/Professional Graduate Student Disciplinary Appeal

Undergraduate Students

  5.2.1   Technical Standards for Undergraduate Program
  5.2.2   Medication Math Competency Requirements
  5.2.3   Undergraduate Admission Requirements
  5.2.5   English as a Second Language - Undergraduate Students
  5.2.6   Awarding of Credit by Examination for Non-Nursing Courses
  5.2.7   Advanced Placement
  5.2.8   Undergraduate Transfer Credit
  5.2.9   Auditing of Courses
  5.2.10   Undergraduate Unclassified Student
  5.2.11   Undergraduate Guaranteed Admission to the BSN Program
  5.2.12   Student Clinical Attire
  5.2.13   Enrollment in Course by Permission of Instructor
  5.2.14   Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
  5.2.15   Evaluation of Undergraduate Students
  5.2.16   Undergraduate Grading System
  5.2.18   Undergraduate Progression
  5.2.19   Undergraduate Student Grade Appeal
  5.2.21   Makeup of Clinical Laboratory
  5.2.23   Undergraduate Academic Probation, Dismissal, Withdrawal
  5.2.28   Undergraduate Readmission/Reinstatement
  5.2.29   Transfer of Division
  5.2.30   Dean's List
  5.2.31   Requirements for Undergraduate Graduation
  5.2.35   Recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Graduation with Honors
  5.2.36   Undergraduate Professional Performance
  5.2.37   Undergraduate Simulation Hours
  5.2.38   Undergraduate Testing

Professional Students

  5.3.1   Technical Standards for Graduate Program
  5.3.2   Professional Graduate Student Classifications
  5.3.3   Admission for Master's Degree
  5.3.4   Admission for Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree
  5.3.6   Professional Graduate Grading System
  5.3.7   Leave of Absence and Deferral of Admission for Professional Nursing Graduate Students
  5.3.8   Change of Specialty or Degree for Professional Graduate Nursing Students
  5.3.9   Transfer of Professional Graduate Courses
  5.3.11   Evaluation of Professional Graduate Student Progression to Graduation
  5.3.12   Professional Graduate Nursing Student Academic Appeal and Grievance
  5.3.18   Compliance with Graduate Program Requirements

PhD Students

  5.4.1   Admission for Nursing PhD Program
  5.4.2   Compliance with Graduate Program Requirements - PhD Program
  5.4.3   Graduate Grading System - PhD Program
  5.4.4   Leave of Absence and Deferral of Admission for PhD in Nursing Graduate Students
  5.4.5   Technical Standards for PhD in Nursing Program
  5.4.6   Student Classifications
  5.4.7   PhD Student Progression


  Appendix I   Emotional Health Guidelines
  Appendix N   Procedures for Handling Undergraduate Student Appeals of Academic Evaluations
  Appendix Q   Procedures for Graduate and Professional Graduate Scholarship and Awards
  Appendix W1   Professional Graduate Nursing Program Academic Appeals Procedure
  Appendix W2   Professional Graduate Nursing Program Grievance Procedure
  Appendix V   Proctoring Process for Off Campus Examinations

Course Numbering

Undergraduate courses: 200-499
Masters courses: 600-699
DNP courses: 700-799
PhD courses: 800-999

College of Nursing Grading System

Percentage System

The percentage system used to award grades for all programs within the College of Nursing is the following:

A+ 98-100
A 93-97
A- 90-92
B+ 88-89
B 83-87
B- 80-82
C+ 78-79
C 73-77
C- 70-72
D+ 68-69
D 63-67
D- 60-62
F below 60

Quality points are calculated according to the following system:

Grade Quality Points
A+ & A 4.0
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.67
F 0.00

Access to Student Records

In accordance with federal law as established in 1974 by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University of Nebraska Medical Center maintains the confidentiality of student records and allows students to inspect and review information in their educational records at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The UNMC policy statement concerning student records may be found in the current UNMC Student Handbook.