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Undergraduate Testing Subsection: 5.2.38
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: May 2018
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Responsible Approving Agency:
General Faculty Organization
Revised: May 2019


The Faculty of the College of Nursing develop testing procedures to insure consistency in testing practices for all students regardless of course or division.

Exam Requirements

  1. Students
    1. Pre-exam
      • For students testing on their own device:
        • Students must download and register their testing device with the software used for the exam.
        • If there are difficulties in downloading the software, students are expected to work with technical support from the company to resolve issues prior to the exam. Students unable to resolve issues should let the course coordinator know so that a computer is available for them for the exam.
        • Students must download the exam prior to arriving in the testing room. Students will not be able to access the exam until provided the password by exam proctors. If students discover technical difficulties after the exam has been downloaded, students should notify the course faculty who created the test so that another download can be made available.
        • Students should bring a fully charged device and the charger to the exam.
        • Device attachments can be used only for the sole purpose of completing the exam.
      • Students who are not able to take the exam as scheduled are expected to notify the course coordinator as soon as possible prior to the scheduled start time for the exam.
      • If students experience an urgent issue (e.g., technical issues or illness) during the exam, they are expected to notify the exam proctor immediately.
      • Students who are unable to complete the exam once started will be required to retake the exam and may be given an alternate format exam.
      • Exams start on time and students are expected to be present. Students should arrive with sufficient time to stow personal belongings and be in the seat ready to begin at the designated start time. Students who arrive more than 5 minutes late will need to work with the course coordinator to reschedule the exam.
      • Students who begin the exam after the start time will need to complete the exam at the same time as the rest of the class who began on time.
      • Once students have stowed personal belongings, no study notes should be accessible in the exam room.
      • Student phones and smart watches are in off mode and stowed with other personal items.
      • Winter wear, scarfs, hats, and visors removed, and hoodie head wear removed and stowed with other personal items.
      • Students who wish an exception to any component of the policy for health, religious, or other reasons, should submit a written request for an exception to the Assistant Dean on his or her division. The request must specify the type and appearance of any garment for which the student seeks an exception. The Assistant Dean will confer with the Program Director, who will confer with appropriate others, will advise the student if the request can be granted, and will communicate any other guidelines that must be followed. Students will be provided written documentation of the approved exception and are responsible for sharing this documentation with faculty and appropriate others as needed.
    2. Exam
      • Unit and final exams will be given using the UNMC specified exam/evaluation software. Quizzes (e.g., iRAT, gRAT, med math) are exempt from this requirement.
      • Unit and final exams are proctored by faculty and/or staff and administered in a secure environment.
      • Students are required to upload their exam file upon completing the exam and prior to leaving the exam room. Exams not uploaded may receive a zero for that exam.
    3. Post-exam
      • Unit and final exams and exam questions are to remain in the testing environment.
      • Note paper used during the exam is not an official document and will not be considered in determining a student’s exam grade.
      • Make-up exams will be scheduled at the discretion of the course coordinator and will follow the guidelines published in the course syllabus. See [ CON Policy 5.2.18]
      • Students seeking clarification about selected exam items must contact faculty within 24 hours of exam completion to review the exam.
      • Students may review their individual exam with faculty. Students are expected to contact faculty for an appointment.
    4. Accommodations
      • Students with accommodations must present their letter of accommodations from the UNMC Disabilities Office to the course coordinator at least one week prior to any exam for which accommodations are requested. Once the letter has been provided to the coordinator, the accommodations will remain in effect for the length of time specified in the letter or until the student indicates the accommodations are no longer needed.
      • Faculty must notify, as soon as possible, the On-line Testing Coordinator and any other personnel needed to facilitate testing accommodations.
      • Accommodated students are expected to comply with timely arrival at the location for testing identified by the course coordinator.
      • Students testing via a paper copy will use a specified form to record exam answers. Once the exam is completed, either the student, faculty, or staff, as specified by the campus, will transfer the exam answers to the exam software. Transferring of the exam answers is not included in the allotted exam time.
  2. Faculty
    1. Pre-exam
      • Exams will be available for posting two business day prior to the scheduled exam time.
      • Faculty will determine proctors for main testing room and any accommodation testing rooms.
      • On campuses that use affiliated University testing services, complete the accommodated testing form.
      • Prepare accommodation materials as specified in student letter.
      • Provide access to an electronic copy of the exam for proctors in case of technical issues.
      • Arrange for any needed supplies during the exam (e.g., calculators, scratch paper, writing utensils).
      • Approve of items kept at the computer with the student, including tissues.
    2. Exam
      • Insure students have all equipment required.
      • Students are provided one sheet of scratch paper that must be turned in at the end of the exam.
      • Students can leave the exam room during the exam only with proctor permission.
      • Students can use personal noise-cancelling earplugs/headphones. No devices with Bluetooth capability or attached cords are allowed.
      • Cell phone calculators are not allowed.
      • Proctors will respond to technical issues but will not answer questions related to exam content.
    3. Post-exam
      • Collect and secure all scratch paper.