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Transfer of Professional Graduate Courses Subsection: 5.3.9
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: November 2010
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee;
Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Final Reviewing Agency:
General Faculty Organization (Graduate status faculty only)
Revised: April 2012
Reviewed: November 2012
Revised: April 2014
Revised: May 2016
Revised: November 2016
Revised: February 2017
Revised: February 2019


  1. Courses that are routinely accepted from other institutions of higher education, i.e. statistics, will be maintained on a list of approved courses with each course reviewed every 5 years.
  2. All courses presented for transfer must be completed within the restriction of the professional graduate degree according to Policy 5.3.11 with a grade of B or above. Past courses may have been documented as accepted in an admissions gap analysis.


  1. Students applying for transfer courses must use the following procedure in order to assure acceptance of the course within the professional graduate nursing program of study.
    1. Students will consult with their advisors or specialty coordinator/program director about requesting a transfer of a course.
    2. If the advisor or specialty coordinator/program director supports the transfer request, the student submits to their advisor a written request for approval for the course. The request includes the name and number of course, description and the syllabus for the course they want to transfer along with the grade and transcript if the course has been taken. The name and number of the similar existing College of Nursing course that is the subject of the transfer course is identified.
    3. The advisor or specialty coordinator/program director sends a request for review to the PGNA Committee chair who sends it to the College of Nursing course coordinator for the existing course to determine if the transfer course is similar. Faculty review the requested transfer course and determine if the courses are at least 80% similar for course description, objectives and content. The course coordinator sends the PGNA Committee chair a statement regarding similarity of the transfer course.
    4. The advisor will send a recommendation to the chair of the Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee (PGNA) with supporting documentation and a brief note on the comparability of the course work. If transfer is recommended, the PGNAC members will review and vote via consent agenda. Following PGNA approval, the advisor, Student Service office and the student are notified.
    5. Student Services office will add the approved course to the CON list of approved transfer courses with the date of approval.
  2. Student Services office reviews the outdated transfer courses every year. This includes checking the institutions for accreditation status and the existence of the course.