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Undergraduate Student Grade Appeal Subsection: 5.2.19
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: February 1979
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Academic Review Committee
Faculty Coordinating Council
General Faculty Organization

Related Documents:
Appendix N Procedures for Handling Undergraduate Student Appeals of Academic Evaluations
Appeals of Academic Evaluations
University Student Code of Conduct
Revised: May 1995
Revised: October 2006
Revised: April 2010
Revised: May 2015
Revised: December 2020 (administrative)
Revised: May 2022


  1. In conformity with the Bylaws of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, Paragraph 5.3, students shall have the opportunity to appeal the formal evaluation of academic performance listed in the course syllabus and/or learning management systems which they feel has been prejudiced or capricious. Undergraduate student grade appeals shall be carried out according to the procedures delineated in “Procedures for Handling Undergraduate Student Appeals of Academic Evaluations" (Appendix N).
  2. The committee of the college or school in which a particular course is offered shall have jurisdiction of all appeals by students whose appeal concerns a grade or academic evaluation involving that course. In matters involving a dual listed course, the committee of the college or school granting admission to the course shall handle any appeal.
  3. In any matter involving an appeal by a student, neither the Dean of the college or school nor the instructor whose grade or evaluation is being questioned nor the assistant dean of the division involved shall serve on the committee. The Undergraduate Program Director shall designate temporary replacement on the committee if necessary. Questions of procedure by either the student or faculty may be referred to the Undergraduate Academic Review chair (UG –ARC chair).
  4. A nursing student whose grade is under appeal shall be allowed to continue nonclinical academic activities until a decision is made by the Undergraduate Academic Review Committee. A student shall be allowed to continue clinical activities in courses which do not have the failed course as a prerequisite.


  1. Students and faculty are also referred to the current UNMC Student Handbook section entitled Academic and Professional Performance policies subsection: “Appeals of Academic Evaluations" for an explanation of the formal grade appeal process, as well as delineation of specific student rights and responsibilities in the grade appeal process.
  2. Students and faculty are also referred to Appendix N in the UNMC Student Handbook.