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Technical Standards for PhD in Nursing Program Subsection: 5.4.5
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: September 2012
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
PhD Affairs Council

Revised: March 2014

Revised: May 2018
Revised: October 2023

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5.1.3 Student Responsibility to Provide Information Policy
Board of Regents Policies RP 3.1.2


Establishes technical standards criteria for application to and continuation in the PhD in Nursing program.


This policy applies to PhD applications and students


UNMC College of Nursing is in compliance with the Policy for Americans with Disabilities as stipulated by the Board of Regents in RP 3.1.2.

All PhD applicants to the UNMC College of Nursing PhD in Nursing Program must hold an unencumbered license to practice nursing. In addition, the following general abilities have been identified as necessary to meet the technical standards for admission and progression in the PhD in Nursing Program. The following general abilities will be evaluated throughout the program:

  1. Intellect. The educational goals are focused on the recall or recognition of knowledge and the development of intellectual abilities and skills. The nursing student participating in these educational goals must have the ability to reason, problem solve, conceptualize, analyze, synthesize and evaluate.
  2. Psychomotor. The student must possess sufficient manipulative and motor skills to carry out the usual technical skills customarily considered when conducting research.
  3. Communication. The student must be able to communicate effectively to members of the health care team, consumers (patients families and with committees), mentors and peers.
  4. Behavioral and social attributes. The student must be able to demonstrate sufficient emotional stability and good judgment, adapt to change, be flexible and to function in stressful situations.

Students with disabilities must follow the procedures for special accommodations. (See 5.1.3 Student Responsibility to Provide Information Policy)

  1. The student will be evaluated by the Counseling and Student Development Center at UNMC, or UNMC’s designee, for official declaration of the specific accommodations required.
  2. The faculty may not grant accommodations to students without this official declaration.