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Timothy Faisetty, Manager
Annex 10, 4230 Leavenworth Street
Business Service Center Room 3037
Phone: 402-559-8580
Fax: 402-559-3500

All student/employee vehicles parked on campus must properly display a valid parking permit. Annual student parking permits are $216, or $18 per month, and can be purchased from Parking Services.  

Students will be assigned to park in designated student lots (see the Parking Map). Vehicles may be parked only in the designated parking area covered by the permit displayed. Individuals parking a vehicle without a valid permit (i.e. rental) or in an area other than the assigned lot are required to call Parking Services for authorization at 402-559-8580. Please refer to the Parking Handbook for specific details.

All students utilizing parking are obligated to obtain, read, and abide by the parking regulations. Please view the complete guide to all current parking regulations.   

How to Properly Display Parking Permit

A valid student permit consists of one moveable permit. The permit must be affixed on the inside of the front windshield, lower left hand corner (driver’s side). No material may be placed between the permit and the window. Any variation from this is a violation.