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Andrea Swett, Interim Director 
Student Life Center 

The Center for Healthy Living (CFHL) provides a variety of leisure activities in addition to fitness and wellness services for UNMC students, faculty, staff, volunteers, alumni and their families. Memberships are now offered to the Omaha community. The CFHL includes two activity courts (for basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, futsal, and an indoor walking/running track). The courts are equipped with machines and tools to aid in your workout, including stationary bikes, dumbbells, a heavy bag, and plyometric equipment (plyo boxes, jump ropes, etc.). The CFHL also has three fitness studios, men’s and women’s locker rooms and over 90 stations in the Heiser strength and conditioning and cardio areas. The fitness studios offer Fitness on Demand, spinning classes, HITT Style classes, and yoga classes just to name a few. The cardio area offers exercise alternatives such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, step machines, rowing machine, versa-climber, expresso bicycles, stationery and recumbent bicyclesThe Heiser strength exercise area offers options that include weight machines as well as free weights. The CFHL commons area has three table tennis tables and one shuffleboard table. Pickleball equipment can be loaned out for use on the courts located on the ice rink. 

Center for Healthy Living memberships include use of all facilities and the following services: 

  • Fitness classes
  • Fitness assessments  
  • Personalized exercise program designs 
  • Equipment orientation 
  • Daily-use lockers 

Additional Offerings

Intramural leagues offer a wide variety of team activities, which include basketball, volleyball, soccer, broomball, curling, golf, futsal, sand volleyball, and softball. These are available for a nominal, additional fee (you do not need to be a member of the CFHL to participate in intramural leagues).

Student-sponsored (for spouses or friends) and community memberships are available for an additional fee. 

The center has outdoor activity games that may be checked out for use by students and employees 

  • 2 Cornhole Sets (each set has 2 boxes & 8 beanbags)  
  • 2 Ladderball Sets (each set has 2 ladders, 6 ropes)  
  • 2 Bocce Sets (each set has 8 bocce balls, 1 “pallino”, and 1 perimeter marking rope)  
  • 1 Spikeball Set (each set has 1 Spikeball net, 2 balls)  
  • 1 KanJam Set (each set has 2 cans, 1 frisbee) 
  • 1 Yard Darts Set (each set has 2 targets, 8 darts)  
  • Rule book for outdoor games 
  • Frisbees  
  • Footballs  
  • Soccer balls  
  • Kickballs  
  • Low-profile rubber bases (for kickball & softball) 
  • Two Cornhole sets (two boxes, eight beanbags) 
  • One Spikeball set (one net, three balls)  
  • One KanJam set (two “kans” & frisbee)  
  • Two Ladderball sets (four ladders, 12 ropes) 
  • Three Bocce sets (24 bocce balls, three pallinos, two perimeter marking ropes/stakes)   
  • Frisbees 

The center also offers a Wellness Day to colleges and departments; they may reserve our facilities for an hour or and afternoon of fun and bonding with co-workers with any activity we offer. 


Monday - Thursday: 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 
Friday: 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

We are closed (or close early) on some major holidays or due to severe weather. Please visit our website or call 402-559-5254 for these occasional closings and general information. 

We are also on Facebook and Twitter.