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I. Statement of Principle

UNMC recognizes the importance of supporting new mothers who wish to continue to breastfeed while they are attending school. UNMC acknowledges the health benefits of breastfeeding and believes that UNMC should make private, accessible and comfortable lactation rooms available to its students who want to express milk while on campus and away from their infant.

II. Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), 20 U.S.C. §1681 et seq., is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—including pregnancy and parental status—in educational programs and activities.

The Department of Education encourages educational institutions to designate a private room for mothers to breastfeed, pump milk, or address other needs related to breastfeeding during the school day.

III. Available Facilities

  • Omaha Campus: UNMC and Nebraska Medicine join together in providing facilities and assistance for nursing mothers. Certified lactation consultants can be contacted through Nebraska Medicine at 402-559-6363.
    • Nebraska Medicine Mothers Room List
    • 4230 Building (BSC): Room 2049 (Keypad code 2049#, contact front desk for assistance at 402-559-5018)
    • Clarkson Tower: Room 4879 (a two-person mother's room with two symphony pumps and a private bathroom) or Room 08174 (call 402-559-6363 for access; Medela symphony pump available)
    • College of Nursing: Room 4064 (call 402-559-5414 for access)
    • College of Public Health: Room 3029 (call 402-559-4960 for access; Medela symphony pump in room); Room 2059 (call 402-559-4960 for access)
    • College of Pharmacy: Room 1039
    • Durham Outpatient Center: Mamava Lactation Suite (call 402-559-5111 for access; located in the lobby, behind the escalators) or Room 4654 (call 402-559-6345 to schedule an appointment for the first time; Medela symphony pump available) 
    • Durham Research Center I: Room 1007 (Call 402-559-3231 to get card access)
    • Michael F. Sorrell Center: Room 3010
    • Miracle Hills Plaza: Room 131 (call 402-552-6100 for access)
    • Wittson Hall: WH3051 (third floor, off of main walkway; Medela symphony pump in room), WH4031 (fourth floor, right off the hallway that leads to the skywalk), or WH 8004 (eighth floor)
    • McGoogan Health Sciences Library: Room 6007 (sixth floor, located across from the Maker Studio) or Room 7042 (seventh floor, located across from the service elevator)
  • College of Dentistry, Lincoln: Room 1414 (in the student lounge).
  • College of Nursing, Lincoln: UHCN 326 & UHCN 328.
  • College of Nursing, Scottsbluff: Harms B128, Harms A113 or Harms B116.
  • College of Nursing & College of Allied Health, Kearney: Health Sciences Education Complex, 2nd Floor (Contact numbers: CON: 308-865-8323; CAHP: 308-865-8324)
  • College of Nursing, Norfolk: J. Paul & Eleanor McIntosh College of Nursing Building Room 281
  • Millard Clinic: Room 1020 (Contact Brandy Hertzig at 402-778-5667)
  • Munroe-Meyer Institute: Rooms 10033, 20035, 30041 and 40006 (Call 402-559-6418 for assistance)

IV. Time Away from Classes  

Faculty should attempt to be flexible and provide reasonable time to support the needs of nursing mothers. Please contact Title IX Office at 402-559-2710 with any questions regarding lactation facilities and/or providing reasonable time to support the needs of nursing mothers.