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Catherine Mello, Director 
Alumni Relations Office 
985200 Nebraska Medical Center 
Omaha, NE  68198-5200 

Located in the Williams Science Hall, level 3, the UNMC Alumni Relations Office (ARO) manages events, communications, and financial responsibilities of the UNMC Alumni Association. The UNMCAA is the umbrella organization for the Alumni Councils for the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Dentistry, Allied Health Professions and the Graduate Studies Program. In addition, the ARO provides staff support for the College of Medicine Parents and Family Association and the UNMC Retiree Association.  

UNMC’s greatest resource has always been its students — learning from each other to advance the art and science of health care. UNMC graduates are members of an amazing worldwide network of more than 49,440 health care professionals who continue to learn from each other. 

The mission of the UNMCAA is to engage alumni and support UNMC. The vision is informed, inspired and invested alumni and friends. 

The Core Values are: Teamwork, Communication, Pride, and Service. 

Strategic Goals

1. Prepare students and new alumni to be engaged. 
Purposefully build the next generation of alumni leaders and volunteers in support of institutional success. 

2. Engage alumni with UNMC and each other. 
Deploy meaningful engagement, customized communication and valued volunteer opportunities. 

3. Impact institutional priorities. 
Advance the mission and success of the University through intentional programmatic alignment. 

4. Empower alumni partners to achieve measurable outcomes. 
The association will serve as a valued resource for UNMC, empowering alumni councils to achieve metrics-based outcomes. 

Resources for Students 

Connections Project Blog

The Connections Project blog is a place for UNMC Alumni to share real-world information and advice with students and fellow alumni. Information is in short written posts or videos and they are quick and easy to digest. Content lives on the blog but is also shared via the UNMC Alumni Association’s Facebook and Twitter. Some topics covered include wellbeing, professional skills, personal finance, time, talent, and treasure. Students are encouraged to visit the blog and subscribe to receive two emails a month with a link to the latest post. 

UNMC Alumni Connections 

UNMC Alumni Connections is an online community for alumni and students to connect through networking, mentoring, groups, programming, discussion boards and more. Since its launch in April 2021, more than 1,310 students and alumni have joined the site. 

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this unique resource to connect with alumni who have been in their shoes and who can help further their personal and professional growth. Upon graduation, student users will transition into alumni users who can continue using the site to stay connected with their classmates, UNMC and the UNMCAA. 

To sign up, visit 

Social Networking 

Students and alumni can connect with their profession, college or the UNMCAA through more than 15 social media platforms. From Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram, an alumni LinkedIn group and more, we are sure to be where you are. Join us today! 

College-Specific Alumni Councils

The UNMC Alumni Relations Office also includes student representation on the Alumni CouncilsInterested students may contact to get involved. 

For more information about the UNMC Alumni Association, visit