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Public Safety Business Office, 4215 Emile Street
Academic Research and Services Building
EMERGENCY: 402-559-5555
Public Safety Dispatch: 402-559-5111
Public Safety Business Office: 402-559-4439
Fax: 402-559-8625

Public Safety personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Public Safety Business Office, ext. 402-559-4439, is located at 4215 Emile Street on the SW side of the Academic Research Service Building.

For help or to report unusual activities and crimes, call ext. 402-559-5111.

Blue Light Emergency Phones are available at 33 locations throughout UNMC/ Nebraska Medicine campus. The phones can be seen on 7-foot poles or on building walls, with the word “EMERGENCY” printed on them in large lettering. The continuously illuminated Blue Lights can also be seen any time of the day or night. The phones have a direct line to Security Dispatch. Equipped with an intercom face, the units are activated by a push button, which identifies the location, prompts security to respond directly to the location and opens a direct line to the security dispatchers. Pushing the button also activates a secondary blue strobe light on the unit. Students are encouraged to use the Emergency Phones for any emergency.

Public Safety posts Daily Summary Reports, Security Alerts, and other security and personal safety related information on the Intranet. Students and employees are encouraged to review the information on a routine basis and contact Campus Security with any questions or concerns.