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Evaluation of Student Performance

Policy Scope

The College of Allied Health Professions (CAHP) is dedicated to assisting all students in gaining the necessary knowledge, skills and professional behaviors that will allow them to reach their full potential as competent and compassionate health care practitioners. Students enrolled in programs in the CAHP are expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward completion of program requirements and must meet specific performance standards set by each program. Where appropriate, those standards are established to be congruent with standards set by the specialized accrediting agency for each program. The intent of these academic CAHP policies is to standardize the terminology used to describe student academic standing, foster sound, learner-centered assessment of student performance, and maximize the likelihood of academic success for every student.

Policy Statement

Each program of study in the CAHP uses a system of regular and consistent evaluations, coupled with formative and summative feedback, to assure fair evaluation of student learning and to allow for early detection, notification and remediation of less than satisfactory academic performance. Course grades are based on evaluation of professional behaviors, theoretical and experiential knowledge, and technical competence. The evaluation system includes:

  • Evaluation of the domains of learning appropriate for the particular course or clinical rotation and consideration for the length of the program include the cognitive (knowledge), affective (professional behavior), and psychomotor (experiential competencies);
  • A description of the minimal level of performance in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains required to attain a passing grade in each course or clinical rotation;
  • A description of how the final grade in each course or clinical rotation is derived from the areas evaluated.
    • Students will be informed of the learning expectations at the beginning of the program, each course, and clinical rotation.
    • The final grade earned in each course or clinical rotation is determined by the course instructor(s). Each academic program will establish criteria for satisfactory completion of each required course as well as criteria for determining the academic standing and progression of a student based on the process outlined in the CAHP Academic Standing and Progression policy.

Effective Date:  2022-2023 Academic Year
Revised Date:  8/1/22
Policy Process Applied: Standard
Policy Review Cycle: Three-Year
Responsible Administrator:  CAHP Director of Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: CAHP Office of Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: Sarah McBrien,