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Grades, Credit Hour, Course Review

Policy Scope

This policy applies to students in the College of Allied Health Professions.

Policy Definitions

Credit Hour – All programs in the College of Allied Health Professions adhere to the UNMC credit hour definition in their curricula. For more information on the UNMC credit hour definition, please see the UNMC Credit Hour Definition policy.

Policy Statement

The grading system used by the programs within the College of Allied Health Professions for courses in which objective evaluation procedures such as examinations are employed is as follows. The grading scale below is used for most courses, or as outlined in each course syllabus.

Additionally, the quality points are calculated according to the system below:

Grade Percentage Quality Points Other Grades
A+ 97.000 - 100 4.00 I - Incomplete
A 93.000 - 96.999 4.00 NR - No Report
A- 90.000 - 92.999 3.67 WX - Administrative Withdrawal
B+ 87.000 - 89.999 3.33 W - Withdrawal
B 83.000 - 86.999 3.00 P - Pass
B- 80.000 - 82.999 2.67 NP - No Pass
C+ 77.000 - 79.999 2.33
C 73.000 - 76.999 2.00
C- 70.000 - 72.999 1.67
D+ 67.000 - 69.999 1.33
D 63.000 - 66.999 1.00
D- 60.000 - 62.999 .67
F 00.000 - 59.999 0.00

The Honors (H), Pass (P), Fail (F) grading system may be used for some courses when deemed appropriate by the instructor.


Academic Performance

The grade earned in each course is determined by the course instructor. Appropriate methods of evaluation may include written, oral and/or practical examinations, personal observation of performance, and appraisal of the quality of work performed for all required projects and assignments.

Any course for which all requirements have not been fulfilled by a student may be reported by the instructor as "Incomplete." The instructor thereby indicates that the student's progress in the course is satisfactory, and that the student has been allowed additional time to complete a course in which a passing grade is possible. Students must resolve a grade of “Incomplete” no more than one year from when the grade was issued; however, instructors may choose to grant a student less time to complete the course. If the student does not complete the course in the allowed additional time, a failing grade is reported for the course.

The faculty of each program reserves the right to recommend that a student withdraw if health, scholastic standing, clinical or laboratory performance, or other factors make it impractical and inadvisable for the student to continue in the program. For more information on program withdrawal, see Student Success and Academic Standing.

Course Review

All CAHP curricula must be submitted to and approved by the CAHP Curriculum Committee. Course syllabi are catalogued, archived, and maintained by CAHP Office of Academic Affairs. For a listing of each program’s curriculum, visit the CAHP website and see the Curriculum webpage under that program.

Effective Date:  2022-2023 Academic Year
Revised Date:  8/1/22
Policy Process Applied: Standard
Policy Review Cycle: One-Year[MB1] [OK2] 
Responsible Administrator: CAHP Director for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: CAHP Office for Academic Affairs
Policy Contact: Sarah McBrien,