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All medical students are expected to possess a mobile device (laptop or tablet). The College of Medicine does not recommend specific devices; instead, we encourage you to choose an internet-ready mobile device that suits your needs. Examples of how these devices will be utilized include but are not limited to: retrieving and viewing lecture notes or presentation slides; digital note-taking; viewing videos; taking examinations; completing e-learning modules; and other fundamental computing tasks (word processing, PDF reader) and internet-based activities (research, email, web conferencing, Canvas).

Phase One

Examsoft is the software used for Phase 1 exams. Meeting the requirements listed below ensures that your device is compatible with examination software.

ExamSoft system requirements: 

While it is likely you already own a mobile phone, and it will prove useful during your time at UNMC, a mobile/cellular telephone is not an acceptable device for exams because of the stringent requirements for participating in computer-based examinations. 

Phase Two

The NBME shelf exams taken during Phase 2 clerkships are online exams. They will require a lock-down browser application at the time of the exam. You will need to verify your device before the exam, and the coordinators will provide you with information during your clerkship. Tablet devices are not currently permitted for use during these exams.

Approved by OME: May 25, 2023