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UNMC encourages the suggestion of new preceptors for clinical rotations for Phase 2 from students and faculty. The process below details the steps needed for a physician to become a preceptor for REQUIRED clinical rotations. Please note that this process is separate from precepting activities such as Phase 3 electives or Longitudinal Clinical Experiences (LCE) as clerkship rotations are required graded curriculum. This process will take a minimum of 3 months to complete.

  1. Student/faculty suggest potential new preceptor to the appropriate required clerkship. Please notify both the Clerkship Director(s) and the Clerkship Coordinator(s). 
  2. The Clerkship Director(s) will contact the potential new preceptor to review the following:
    1. Clinical site volume and content
    2. Frequency of student rotation at the site
    3. Clerkship goals, objectives and curriculum
    4. Clinical space and student accommodations if applicable
    5. Evaluation responsibilities, training and timelines
  3. If the preceptor/clinical site are approved by the Clerkship Director(s) then the preceptor will complete the following documentation provided by the Clerkship Coordinator(s).
    1. Volunteer faculty appointment
    2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    3. If the clinical site has more than one preceptor then only one preceptor will be designated to complete the volunteer faculty appointment/MOU and will be responsible for future preceptor training and all grade review and submission.
  4. Student who wish to rotate with a preceptor they have suggested for a clinical experience on a required clerkship may be able to do so if the following requirements are met.
    1. No conflict of interest. See the Conflict of Interest Policy for full details. 
    2. The clinical rotation is approved and set up as detailed above. Students cannot arrange their own clinical experiences during Phase 2.
    3. Clinical rotations are assigned to students per the student assignment process. Students should not expect to be assigned to a preceptor or clinical site they have suggested to a clerkship.

Approved by Phase 2 Directors: May 11, 2021