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In the event that a medical student is required to undergo drug testing in order to participate at a clinical site outside of UNMC for a required clerkship, please follow the steps for this process as noted below.

  1. Identify the drug testing requirements of the clinical location. See below for some common requirements that may or may not be unique to a clinical site.
    1. Time frame of drug test completion
    2. Type of drug test
    3. Location of drug testing site (Student Health Clinic is recommended if there are no specified drug testing sites).
  2. Inform students that drug testing may be required at certain clinical sites. Students can choose to decline drug testing.  If they decline to undergo testing, students can change to a new rotation site if available based upon clerkship processes for selecting clinical sites.
  3. Send student instructions for completing drug testing as per the requirements of the clinical site. Student should keep copies of receipts for the drug testing.  Student will pay for drug testing initially but will be reimbursed by UNMC.
  4. Results of the drug test ARE NOT supplied to UNMC.
  5. Forward receipts/documentation of the cost to the Phase 2 Director/Associate Dean for Medical Education to set up reimbursement.

Approved by Phase 2 Directors: May 11, 2021