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All UNMC students are to abide by the UNMC Dress Code Policy

Medical students are expected to dress in a professional manner which is consistent with their status as a member of the health care team.  Clothing worn to work should reflect professional status, be safe for both student and patient, allow for full performance of all duties, and appropriately identify the individual as a student.


  • Professional in appearance
  • Clean and neat
  • Provide for the safety of both student and patient
  • Allow full performance of all duties

 Examples of inappropriate dress (not meant to be all inclusive)

  • Strong colognes or other scented products should not be used (potential allergic reactions)
  • Open toed shoes/sandals must not be worn in areas where body fluid exposures may occur
  • Ornate or ostentatious jewelry
  • Short tops or bottoms (including excessive exposure of upper and lower torso)
  • High heels (limitation of mobility)
  • Soiled scrubs in public areas or scrubs outside of hospital
  • Artificial nails (infection risk)