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Career Preparation

Phase 3 is the final phase of the curriculum and takes place over 13 months. This phase provides individualized training for students in their career specialty choice with the goal of preparing students for success in residency training and beyond. After enrolling in a self-selected Specialty Track, students will work with faculty from that specialty to create individualized learning experiences based upon the students’ backgrounds, anticipated plans, and other interests. 

Contact Information

Phase 3 Director: David O'Dell, MD
Phase 3 Education Coordinator: Vanessa Larson

For general inquires about Phase 3, please contact the Associate Dean of the Office of Medical Education: Geoff Talmon, MD

Senior Elective Catalog

All of the details for the senior electives are available via the tabs under Phase 3. For Student Affairs, such as questions about courses and registration, please contact Student Affairs at 402-559-4986.