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Class of 2025 and Beyond

The Phase 3 curriculum consists of 13 four-week rotations, the majority of which are elective experiences. Upon declaration of a CST in July of their M4 year, the CST Director must approve the remainder of the student’s schedule. The following rules govern the scheduling of Phase 3 rotations:

  • Students may only take electives approved by the Curriculum Committee and listed in the UNMC Catalog
  • Students must participate in at least six clinical electives, at least three of which must be sub-internship rotations as designated in the UNMC Catalog. One of these sub-internship rotations must be scheduled in each of the three segments of Phase 3 (April-July, August-December, January-March) unless approved by the Associate Dean for Medical Education.
  • Students may participate in a maximum of three away rotations unless otherwise approved by the Curriculum Committee. Away clinical electives meet criteria for sub-internship rotations.  The ability to participate is dependent on the presence of a valid affiliation agreement with the external facility at the start of the rotation.
  • With the exception of away rotations and special programs (such as primary care and advanced family medicine, and OMFS), no elective can be taken more than once for credit.
  • All students participate in the Residency Preparatory Course which occurs in April immediately preceding May graduation.
  • Up to three four-week blocks may be left unstructured (unscheduled), scheduling of at least one of these is encouraged during residency interview season.  Students will be required to participate in Curriculum Enhancement Seminars and complete asynchronous assessments related to self-directed learning and professional development during these blocks.
  • Remaining rotations may be selected from any of the offerings in the UNMC Catalog and can include non-clinical and asynchronous activities.

The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs monitors proposed schedule changes during Drop/Add periods; alterations that do not abide by the above rules will not be approved except in rare circumstances with Curriculum Committee approval.

Approved by the Curriculum Committee: July 25, 2023
Modified by the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs: November 7, 2023
Approved by the Curriculum Committee: March 26, 2024