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All medical students are expected to possess a mobile device (laptop or tablet). The College of Medicine does not recommend specific devices; instead, we encourage you to choose an internet-ready mobile device that suits your needs. Examples of how these devices will be utilized include but are not limited to: retrieving and viewing lecture notes or presentation slides; digital note-taking; viewing videos; taking examinations; completing e-learning modules; and other fundamental computing tasks (word processing, PDF reader) and internet-based activities (research, email, web conferencing, Canvas).

Phase One

Examsoft is the software used for Phase 1 exams. Meeting the requirements listed below ensures that your device is compatible with examination software.

ExamSoft system requirements: 

While it is likely you already own a mobile phone, and it will prove useful during your time at UNMC, a mobile/cellular telephone is not an acceptable device for exams because of the stringent requirements for participating in computer-based examinations. 

Phase Two

During Phase 2 clerkships, the NBME shelf exams are conducted online. You'll have designated testing areas equipped with the necessary tools to complete your exams.

Approved by the OME: May 25, 2023
Reviewed and approved by the OME: June 13, 2024