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CST Director: Brittany A. Brown, MD
Coordinator: Patricia Anderson


CST Director: Megan R. Arthur, MD
Coordinator: Katie Wright

Emergency Medicine

CST Co-Director: Amy L. Cutright, MD
CST Co-Director: Lisa M. Meinke, MD
Coordinator: Heather Noyes

Family Medicine

CST Director: Susan K. Evans, MD
Coordinator: Kassidy Drazkowski

Internal Medicine

CST Co-Director: Rae A. Witt, MD 
CST Co-Director: Jill M. Zabih, MD

Med Pediatrics

CST Director: Allison K. Ashford, MD

Neurological Sciences

CST Director: Kiel M. Woodward, MD
Coordinator: Cesar Hernandez


CST Director: Daniel L. Surdell, MD
Coordinator: Kellie Devney

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Coordinator: Lauren Luger


CST Director: Shannon C. Lynch, MD
Coordinator: Jennifer Cornwell

Oral Surgery (DDS)

Coordinator: Becky Palensky

Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation

CST Director: Matthew J. Teusink, MD
Coordinator: Holly White


Coordinator: Terri Lampe

Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology

CST Director: David G. Wagner, MD
Coordinator: Tyler Shearer


CST Co-Director: Nathaniel P. Goodrich, MD 
CST Co-Director: Aleisha M. Nabower, MD 
Coordinator: Dani Wilson-Baxter

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

CST Director: Daniel N. Pierce, MD
Coordinator: Kayla Zaloudek

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Coordinators: Stefani Coleman and Beverly Vaughn


CST Director: Dana M. Raml, MD 
Coordinator: Kevin MacCarthy

Radiation Oncology

CST Director: Michael Baine, MD
Coordinator: Teneika James


Coordinators: Meghan McCormick and Tina Hunter


CST Co-Director:  Jessica M. Veatch, MD
CST Co-Director: Ashlee M. Duffy, PhD
Coordinators: Stefani Coleman and Beverly Vaughn 


CST Director: Samuel A. David, MD