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Supervision of Students

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all Radiography (RT) students.

Policy Statement       

Clinical Supervision of Students

All Radiography students must have adequate and proper supervision during all clinical assignments as specified by individual institutional, program, and accreditation policies. The following policies and procedures apply to clinical assignments for students, technologists, and evaluators. The Radiography student will function under direct supervision until the level of competency has been established. Upon competency has been established, the student will function under indirect supervision. The following conditions constitute direct supervision. Radiography Procedure:

  1. A certified and registered staff radiographer reviews the request for the radiographic examination; (A) to determine the capability of the student to perform the examination with reasonable success; or (B) to determine if the condition of the patient contraindicates performance of the exam by the student.
  2. If either of the above determinations is questionable or negative, the staff radiographer should assist the student with the procedure in the radiographic room; otherwise, the radiographer’s presence is acceptable.
  3. The staff radiographer checks and approves the radiographs prior to the dismissal of the patient. A radiologist or a qualified radiology resident’s judgment may supersede this provision.
  4. Once a competency is established, a student should be under the supervision of a staff radiographer on the premises in the vicinity of the radiographic area and available for immediate assistance to the student, which is termed indirect supervision.


Radiography Repeat Examinations Procedure

Exams performed by students that should be repeated must be directly supervised by the technologist, regardless of the student’s competency level. In addition, the student is required to document and report the repeat exam via the online recording keeping system, called Trajecsys. In the documentation, the student must report the exam repeated, the name of the technologist that supervised and assisted in the repeat exam, and the corrective action taken.