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Students enrolled in degree programs at the University of Nebraska Medical Center are expected to make Satisfactory Academic Progress toward the completion of their degree requirements within the timeframes established for each UNMC college and each UNMC degree.  The colleges/programs of the Medical Center set their own academic standards governing satisfactory academic progress including academic probation, academic suspension or dismissal for failure to attain such standards. These standards are to be in accordance with the standards set by the accrediting agencies for each college/program.

Federal regulations require that policies for students receiving financial aid must be the same as, or stricter, than the institution’s standards for a student enrolled in the same educational program who is not receiving assistance under the Title IV/Title VII programs. The following policies apply to all students at UNMC, regardless of receipt of federal financial aid. For complete Federal Regulation guidance please refer to 34 CFR 668.34.

  1. UNMC students must meet or exceed the required GPA standards as set forth by their individual college Standards of Academic Performance Policies and Procedures. GPA—GPA standards are calculated in accordance with program standards. Standards vary widely across academic programs. A grade of C may be satisfactory for one program, but not another. Grades of (F) Failing, (I) Incomplete, (W) Withdraw, and (NR) No Report will count as hours attempted but will not count as hours completed. Grades of “W” and” I “(withdrawn/incomplete) are not counted in the calculation of the GPA.
  2. Students must complete their program within 150% of the published length of the educational program, measured at full time status (i.e. Nursing program is 4 semesters at full-time enrollment; students must complete the program within 6 semesters or be terminated from financial aid). Students enrolled at less than full time status must follow this standard as well (i.e. ½ time enrollment Nursing program 8 semesters; students must complete program in 12 semesters or be terminated from financial aid).
  3. Students, are required to successfully complete 100% of their enrollment each year or progress to the next academic level of their program to remain eligible for federal student aid.
  4. Federal regulations prohibit awarding financial aid to repeat a class more than once.  

Satisfactory Academic Progress Definitions:

  1. Financial Aid Probation– In accordance with federal regulations, student who do not successfully complete each academic year by maintaining the program GPA standard and/or successfully completing 100% of their annual enrollment must be placed on financial aid probation for the ensuing academic year. Students are not eligible for federal student aid while on probation unless granted an appeal by the UNMC Financial Aid Office.
  2. Satisfactory Academic Progress Notification: Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated/determined each year in May. Students will be notified, in writing, by the Office of Financial Aid, of their financial aid ineligibility upon receipt of progress advisement from colleges/programs. The Office of Financial Aid also maintains records throughout the academic year of students who withdraw from coursework during the semester, fail to progress to spring semester, etc. Students enrolled in programs with longer than 9 month academic year calendars may receive later notifications to ensure fair evaluation of the academic year performance; however, students enrolled in programs with academic calendars greater than nine (9) months are advised to review their progress with their program at the end of spring semester to determine the likelihood of not meeting the above standards and plan accordingly for the next academic year.
  3. Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility: Reinstatement of aid eligibility will occur when the student meets the minimum GPA requirements and progresses to the next level of the program.
  4. Appeal Process: If extenuating circumstances have affected a student’s progress, a written appeal must be received by the Financial Aid Office within 30 days of the date of the financial aid ineligibility notification. The following circumstances may qualify for a legitimate appeal:
    • Student illness requiring physician’s care in excess of several weeks.
    • Major illness or death in the student’s immediate family (spouse, mother, father, child, etc.)
    • Legal issues which force the student to compromise class attendance for an extended period of time.
    • Program requirement to remediate or repeat partial/full year curriculum to continue enrollment in the academic program.
  5.  Financial Aid Warning: Students granted an SAP Appeal will be placed on financial aid warning for the ensuing academic year with satisfactory academic progress reviewed each semester.
  6. The following must be included in the appeal letter:
    • The appeal letter must be submitted by the student to the Office of Financial Aid
    • Supporting documentation from program scholastic evaluation committees may also be required. See requirements by college below.  
    • Appeals must explain the reason the student failed to progress to the next level of the program.
    • The appeal must include a description of a program approved action plan to ensure successful completion in the repeat/remediation year (working with the Academic Success program/assigned tutoring/advising plan). Students should detail the approved action plan/and program administrator with whom they are working to insure success.
    • Graduate students placed on SAP suspension for failure to complete 100% of their attempted credit hours must include their projected enrollment plan for the next academic year and a statement to insure they understand that failure to complete 100% of the attempted hours in future semesters will result in financial aid ineligibility until such time they complete 100% of their attempted hours for an academic year.
    • Appeals will be reviewed and a written response sent to the student within ten (10) days of the decision. Students are granted only one appeal and reinstatement of aid for their entire UNMC education.
    • To ensure the confidentiality of the appeal letter content, the appeal can be sent by mail to the UNMC Office of Financial Aid 984265 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198 or scanned to SUBJECT SAP APPEAL-Confidential.
    • Upon review of the student’s appeal, the UNMC Office of Financial Aid will notify the student, in writing, of financial aid reinstatement for the next academic year.
    • Students placed on a specific program remediation requirements will be evaluated at the end of the fall semester to ensure the requirements have been met. Failure to meet those program specific requirements may result in the immediate termination of financial aid for ensuing semester/terms of enrollment.
    • Student’s not placed on specific remediation requirements must successfully complete 100% of their fall enrollment to continue on financial aid for subsequent terms. 

Listed below are the individual UNMC Colleges’ Standards of Academic Progress Policies and Procedures, and the financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Polices to remain eligible for federal student aid.   In addition to the above listed overall standards, the individual college standards  apply to all students seeking federal student aid.

College of Medicine Student Evaluation Committee Guidelines