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  1. Basis for the Procedure
    1. UNMC is committed to providing all students with a learning environment that is safe, inclusive, and supportive of academic success.
    2. UNMC students have the right to file a grievance with UNMC if faculty, staff, other students, or preceptors, Nebraska Medicine Employees or any other individual associated with UNMC demonstrate behavior that violates UNMC Code of Conduct, Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy or other relevant UNMC Student Policies or if they encounter conditions that adversely impact their ability to successfully complete their program of study.
    3. Retaliation against anyone involved with a student grievance is strictly prohibited. Incidents of perceived retaliation by students will be referred to the appropriate Dean for investigation and potential disciplinary action.
    4. Any intentionally false accusations and/or misleading complaints against University faculty, staff, other students, or administrators by students will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
  2. Filing and Resolution of Specific Types of Grievances are handled as outlined below
    1. Academic Decisions:
      1. Grievances related to academic decisions such as awarding of grades, comprehensive exam results, dissertation defense results, academic probation, suspension, or dismissal are subject to the policies and procedures of the relevant college. Students may contact the office of the appropriate Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for more information and assistance.
    2. Sexual Harassment or Discrimination:
      1. Complaints regarding sexual misconduct against a student by a student can be made to the Title IX Coordinator, Carmen Sirizzotti, (, 402.559.2710) or the Chief Student Affairs Officer, Dr. Philip Covington (, 402.559.4437). Sexual misconduct complaints by or against employees should be made to the Title IX Coordinator, Carmen Sirizzotti, (, 402 559 2710) or Division Director, Employee Relations, Linda Cunningham (, 402.559.7394). The University will investigate reported allegations of sexual misconduct and may take appropriate remedial action even if the person allegedly subject to misconduct or the Complainant does not wish to pursue formal charges. Any response by the University may be hindered by a person’s or the Complainant’s desire for anonymity and/or inaction. For additional information please review UNMC Response to Allergations of Student Sexual Misconduct.
    3. Research Integrity::
      1. Issues regarding research integrity and research misconduct are managed through the relevant policy/procedures by the Research Integrity Officer, Dr. James Turpen, (, 402 559 4388).
    4. Violations of Federal, State, or Local Laws:
      1. Violations of federal, state, or local laws may be managed through the relevant policies and procedures by the Office of Compliance and/or departments having oversight over the applicable law/regulation. UNMC Chief Compliance Officer, Sarah Gloden Carlson (, 402 559 6767). See:
  3. Filing and Resolution of Other Types of Grievances
    1. Examples of grievances covered by this procedure include, but are not limited to issues such as the following:
      1. Being subjected to verbal abuse, threatening behavior, bullying, bias, or any form of discriminatory treatment by faculty, staff, other students, preceptors, Nebraska Medicine Employees or any other individual associated with UNMC.
      2. Any deliberate attempt to delay student progression toward degree attainment, including expectation of excessive work hours, unreasonable interpretation of time-off policies, reduction in funding or awards, or inappropriate assignment of advisors.
      3. Unsafe campus conditions.
      4. Violation or inappropriate application of any published UNMC student policy resulting in detrimental effects on a student.).
      5. Other issues not covered by specific UNMC policy or procedure that are perceived as detrimental to a student’s education or personal well-being.
    2. If a student does not wish to use an anonymous process (see below under #4), they may initiate the complaint through the following individuals.
      1. If the complaint is against a faculty member associated with a specific college or institute, a college staff member, a student in a specific college or related to a college process or procedure the student should refer to the college policies and procedures.
      2. If the complaint is against a UNMC employee, not associated with a specific college or institute, they may contact Linda Cunningham in the Human Resources department at 402 559 5827 (
      3. If the complaint is against a situation on campus such as a safety concerns, inadequate resources, etc. they may contact the director of the involved unit or the Chief Student Affairs Officer for identifying an appropriate response.
      4. Students may contact Dr. Philip Covington Chief Student Affairs Officer, at 402 559 4437 ( directly for assistance with identification of the correct individual to address their concerns and assistance with the process.
    3. The recipient of a grievance is responsible for initiating a response based upon unit policy and procedures.
    4. The person to whom a grievance is reported is required to submit complaint and resolution information to the Chief Student Affairs Officer within 2 weeks of the complaint being filed and report findings within 2 weeks following resolution through the appropriate process.  The information to be submitted includes:

      1. The name of the student filing the compliant
      2. The name of the person or issue against which the complaint was filed
      3. The date the complaint was filed
      4. The date the issue was resolved
      5. The finding
      6. Remedy or sanctions applied, if any
    5. Students who are not satisfied with the process outlined above have the right to file a written appeal to the UNMC Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs within ten (10) business days of receiving the determination where (i) there is evidence that the Grievance Processes were not followed, and the failure to follow processes resulted in a decision adverse to the student, or (ii) there is evidence that there decision was based on an obvious error in interpreting the evidence or applying law and policy, and the error was material to the outcome of the grievance.. The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs will determine if additional steps are needed to ensure resolution within 30 days of the receipt of the written appeal. The determination of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or Dean of the Graduate Division, as appropriate, is final.
    6. Either the faculty member under question or the student has the right to file a written appeal to the UNMC Faculty Senate Professional Conduct Committee if they are not satisfied with resolution of a faculty related issue.
  4. Anonymous Resolution
    1. If a student wishes to submit a complaint anonymously they may do so using one of the submission processes below.
      1. Using the UNMC online App they may select the “Request Help” button, identify the type of issue and its location, and complete the form. The student may identify themselves or may remain anonymous. The report will go to the administrator identified for each type of issue. The individual/group receiving the complaint will attempt to address the issue to the degree possible with available information. The nature of the issue will be documented and forwarded to the Chief Student Affairs Officer to facilitate identification of trends and ongoing issues, although no information about the origin of the compliant is obtained
      2. The student may call the UNMC Compliance Hotline at 1-866-568-5430 ( The student may identify themselves or may remain anonymous.  The UNMC Compliance Officer will address the issue as able with the information available. The issue will be documented and forwarded to the Chief Student Affairs Officer to facilitate identification of trends and ongoing issues, although not information about the caller (such as caller ID) will be obtained.
  5. For additional information and guidance regarding this procedure, students may contact
    1. Dr. H. Dele Davies, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (, 402-559-5131).
    2. Dr. Philip Covington, Chief Student Affairs Officer (, 402-559-4437).
    3. Dr. David Carver, Student Ombudsman (, 402-559-7276).