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This Policy shall be implemented in order that the University of Nebraska Medical Center might provide equitable, consistent treatment to its students who are called into military service and to facilitate their ability to continue their education once that military service is completed.


Students who are regularly enrolled in any class or program offered by the University of Nebraska Medical Center are eligible for the benefits described in this Policy, if they:
(a) belong to a military unit that is called into active duty, or
(b) are drafted and not eligible for deferment; such that the date upon which they are required to report to active duty prohibits them, as a practical matter, from completing the term in which they are enrolled.


It shall be the policy of the University of Nebraska Medical Center to delineate procedures for refund and withdrawal when a student is called to active duty of the Armed Forces of the United States. The dean (or designee) of the respective college/school will work with UNMC Student Services on a case-by-case basis to ensure the integrity of the student’s record in support of a subsequent return for completion of the academic program.

Course and Grade Options

An eligible student may elect to cancel registration (withdraw) in any or all classes in which he or she is enrolled at the time the call for duty is received. In such case, the student shall receive a full refund for all tuition and student fees paid on behalf of that student. Alternatively, the student may request his or her instructors to award a grade or an incomplete for any or all classes. If an incomplete is given, the instructor shall file the grade in the student’s educational record and provide to the student instructions regarding activities required to complete the course.

If a grade and credit are awarded, then the instructor shall award a grade reflective of the student’s performance, taking into consideration the quantity and nature of the curriculum through the time of the student’s departure.

Finally, the student shall have the option of withdrawing from selected courses, receiving a pro-rated refund of tuition and fees for those courses, while also opting to receive a grade or incomplete in other courses in which the student is enrolled.

Students Receiving Financial Aid

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in this Policy, administration of financial aid with respect to any eligible student shall be consistent with federal and state law. Students otherwise eligible for these benefits and receiving financial aid should immediately contact the Financial Aid Office, where each case must be addressed individually based upon the particular rules applicable to the relevant student. The Financial Aid Office shall address these matters in such a way so as to minimize the financial hardships to the student, while complying with the applicable law and regulations.


  1. The student shall contact their respective dean (or designee) and the UNMC Office Financial Aid as soon as they are called into service.
  2. Full refund of tuition, fees and other university obligations will be made as appropriate when no credit is earned for that semester. All of UPFF Fund A will be refunded. Any unused portion (pro-rated for semester) of UPFF Fund B will be refunded.
  3. Refunds returned to financial aid recipients for that semester/term will follow Policies & Procedures: “Refund and Repayment Policies Regarding Loans and Scholarships Disbursed to Students who Withdraw”. Final refund/repayment details will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Financial Aid Office.
  4. Students who are called to active duty and who have paid for student inpatient insurance will receive a refund for the unused portion (pro-rated) of premiums paid for that semester/term. Insurance policy regulations do not permit continued coverage when serving in the armed services.
  5. UNMC students who provide a copy of orders to report to active duty in the U. S. Armed Forces during a semester/term will be administratively withdrawn without penalty and receive “WX” grades for that term.
  6. Students in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal for reporting to active duty will be guaranteed readmission. Such students will be requested to reapply for the next appropriate semester. The respective dean will make arrangements on a case-by-case basis for this readmission. In some cases the leave of absence policy of the college/school may apply, in which case a reapplication will not be required.
  7. Dependents of students called to active duty and who were covered by student health through payment of Fund B fees for dependents will have the option of receiving a refund of the unused portion of Fund B or continuing the student health coverage for the remainder of that semester/term.

    Since the student called to active duty cannot continue coverage of inpatient insurance upon entering active duty, dependents included in such coverage will also not be eligible to continue such coverage. Refunds of unused dependent(s) inpatient premiums will be made for that semester/term.

Reference: University of Nebraska, Office of the President, Executive Memorandum No. 23, October 17, 2001