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This policy covers both the acceptance of outside transcripts and the sending of UNMC transcripts.

Definition of UNMC Official Transcript

An official transcript sent from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is the complete student academic record which includes the University seal and stamped signature of the Registrar.

An official UNMC transcript is printed on official transcript paper or is delivered by secure electronic transmission.

Definition of UNMC Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript for students graduating from UNMC prior to the Fall of 2010 student academic record printed on white paper and stamped “Issued to Student”.

An unofficial transcript for work for students graduating from UNMC from Fall 2010 forward will be printed on white paper with an official water mark.

An unofficial transcript may be obtained within the student information system; these transcripts may or may not be accepted by third party entities.


  1. Transcripts will be issued only upon receipt of one of the following:
    1. a written and signed request
    2. a request from the student via a UNMC web site
    3. a signed copy of a requested form that has been scanned and emailed to
    4. a faxed request.
  2. Phone requests are not accepted for transcript requests due to the inability to document the identity of the requestor.
  3. Payment of the Transcript fee must be received before release of any transcript.
  4. Transcripts will be issued:
    1. when authorized by the student as described above
    2. to replace a transcript that was mailed, but not received within 2-6 weeks of processing, which provides reasonable time for delivery
    3. to correct an error discovered on the original transcript
    4. when authorized by the Registrar
    5. when a subpoena is presented to the UNMC Registrar
      1. Registrar will consult with UNMC legal department and notify the student.
      2. exception to this process: specific federal grand jury or law enforcement request.
    6. to parents/legal guardian, upon written request from student.
    7. to another educational institution to which a student has sought admission.
    8. through an official website
      1. if the agency requesting the transcript provides Academic Records directly with a secure log on and password.
      2. requests for transcript upload presented by the student will not be accepted.
  5. Transcripts of the deceased will be released to a family member if they can provide documentation of student death and of their relationship to the deceased student. The family member must complete a transcript request form, provide required documentation and pay the transcript fee.
  6. Transcript requests will not be processed if a Negative Service Indicator or Hold is on the student’s record. See the Registration Blocks and Transcript Holds policy for details.
  7. “RUSH” copies can be obtained by following instructions at
  8. Transcripts issued to students will be stamped “Issued to Student” and are not considered “Official.”
  9. Transcripts will NOT be faxed.
  10. Transcripts will not be issued showing only a portion of the UNMC academic record.
  11. UNMC will accept transcripts as official when:
    1. Received as a paper copy in a sealed envelope, marked as official
    2. Received as an electronic copy from a recognized institution or organization
      1. Electronic transcripts will be authenticated and stamped as official by the UNMC recipient.
  12. Unofficial transcripts required for internal scholarship purposes can be provided by the department/program or through MyRecords at no charge to the student.