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UNMC Student Response Team

The mission of the UNMC Student Response Team is to promote future public health leadership by providing students with hands-on training and experiences in outbreak response and emergency preparedness. We instruct students on specific roles in public health, medical, and volunteer response to a disaster or public health emergency and train to deploy in Nebraska and Western Iowa. This organization gives students the opportunity to network with professionals and other students in public health.

Advisor: Dr. Sharon Medcalf


College of Public Health Student Association

The purpose of the UNMC’s College of Public Health Student Association is to maintain a body representative of COPH students to the college leadership and external entities; advance the academic and social needs of COPH students; provide and sustain vehicles for communication between students, faculty, administration, alumni,  and the community at-large; create and promote opportunities for community involvement; disseminate educational and professional development resources; support a positive educational experience; and stimulate interest in and advance the profession of public health.

Advisor: Jessica Tschirren