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The COPH student body participates in student governance in the UNMC Student Senate and the College of Public Health Student Association.

The COPH student body can have appointed advisory members on the following COPH non-standing committees:  the Evaluation Committee, the Research Committee

Curriculum Committee – meets each month

  1. Charge

The Curriculum Committee was established as a Standing Committee by vote of the governing faculty of the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center through the College of Public Health Bylaws, which was ratified July 2010. 

  1. Formal Charge.  From the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center Bylaws Section 1.D.1c.ii.  The Committee’s charge includes:
    1. Recommend to the College of Public Health Faculty policies and plans regarding student curriculum, in consultation with the appropriate department(s).
    2. Develop and implement a system for curriculum evaluation.
    3. Recommend curriculum changes.
    4. Develop and recommend policies relating to the continuing education programs of the College of Public Health.
    5. Review and approve all newly-developed courses and any newly-developed areas of specialization at the master and doctoral level.

B. Curriculum Committee Initiated Charge.  As decided upon by vote of the Curriculum Committee Membership, the Committee will additionally:

  1. Provide guidance to students requesting evaluation and approval of their remediation plans in order to regain good academic standing.
  2. Evaluation and judgment of student related academic issues, to include, but not be limited to transferring credit, exceptions to policy, dismissals, etc. 
  3. Dutifully accomplish any additional responsibilities as outlined in the College of Public Health Student Handbook.
TBA MPH Student
TBA PhD Student

College of Public Health Student Association

Goal Statement

The purpose of UNMC’s College of Public Health Student Association is to maintain a body representative of COPH students to the college leadership and external entities; advance the academic and social needs of COPH students; provide and sustain vehicles for communication between students, faculty, administration, alumni, and the community-at-large; create and promote opportunities for community involvement; disseminate educational and professional development resources; support a positive educational experience; and stimulate interest in and advance the profession of public health.


President:  Raheleh Mohammadi

Vice-President: Reitumetse Setai

Treasurer:  Krishtee Napit

Secretary:  Bailey Reigle

UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Representatives: Marissa Hardin

The Medical Center Student Senate is the campus-wide student government body for the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The purpose of the MCSS is to provide student input and leadership on issues related to campus life and student development. MCSS also sponsors philanthropic events and social activities.

Senate members serve on a variety of UNMC committees and meet regularly with the Chancellor and other senior administrators. The President of the MCSS also serves as a nonvoting member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.

MCSS business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from September through May and are open to all students. Students with questions about MCSS are encouraged to contact David Carver, PhD at 559-7276.