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Active faculty with appointments of 50% and above are listed.

Administrative Officers

Gerard Kugel DMD, PhD Dean
Amir Farhangpour DDS Executive Associate Dean
Yun Saksena BDSc, MMSc, DMD Associate Dean for Education, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Merlyn W. Vogt DDS Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Admissions and External Relations
James K. Wahl, III PhD Associate Dean for Research
Jodi Isom MBA Assistant Dean for Finance
Sarah G. Lowman DDS, MPH Assistant Dean for Admissions

Department of Adult Restorative Dentistry

Gregory Bennett BS, DDS Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor
Yoshiharu Ameku BA, DDS Clinical Assistant Professor
Richard K. Bokemper BS, DDS Assistant Professor
Gerald Byrne BA, BDentSc, MSD Associate Professor
Michael J. Dowd DDS Clinical Instructor
Upoma Guha BDS, MS Associate Professor, Director of Clinics
Robin L. Hattervig BS, DDS Assistant Professor
James F. Jenkins DDS Associate Professor
William W. Johnson DDS, MS Professor
Bradley J. Krivohlavek DDS Clinical Instructor
Adriana Lamounier DDS, FACP Associate Professor
Julie A. Marshall BS, DDS, MS Associate Professor, Director of Advanced Standing Dental Program
Nicholas Murray DMD Assistant Professor
Myhanh Phan-Rinne BA, DDS Assistant Professor
Renato Roperto DDS, MSc, PhD Associate Professor
Thomas Schmidt DDS Clinical Instructor
Makena Sundine DDS Assistant Professor
Richard A. Williamson DDS, MS, FACP, FICD Associate Professor
Amanda Ribeiro Wobido DDS, MS Assistant Professor
David Zalewski BS, DDS Assistant Professor

Department of Dental Hygiene

Gwen L. Hlava RDH, BS, MS Department Chair, Professor
Nicole M. Baker RDH, BS, MHPTT Instructor, West Division
Jane M. Broekemeier RDH, BS Clinical Instructor
Amanda M. Dolen RDH, BS, MHPTT Assistant Professor
Todd N. Junge RDH, BS Assistant Professor
Gina Kissel RDH, BS Clinical Instructor
Connie Kugel RDH, BS Director of Continuing Education
Emily M. Lindquist RDH, BS Clinical Instructor
Lisa J. Moravec RDH, MS Associate Professor, West Division Coordinator
Lindsay K. Mundil RDH, MA Assistant Professor
Jaimee D. Shropshire RDH, BS, MHPTT Clinical Instructor, Sealant Program Coordinator

Department of Growth and Development

Alexandra Bilunas DDS Assistant Professor
Kavya Shankar Muttanahally BDS, MDS, MDSc Assistant Professor, Director of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
Sumit Yadav BDS, MDS, MBA, PhD Department Chair

Orthodontics Program

Meenakshi Vishwanath BDS, MDS, MDentSc Associate Professor
Po-Jung Chen DDS, MDS, MDentSc Assistant Professor

Pediatric Dentistry Program

Zachary L. Houser DMD Assistant Professor, Postgraduate Program Director
Claire Koukol DDS Assistant Professor
Maddison McConnaughhay DDS Assistant Professor

Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD)

Jay D. Hansen DDS Program Director, Assistant Professor
Corinne M. Van Osdel DDS Assistant Professor
Daisy Wilka DDS Clinical Instructor
Madelyn Zastrow DDS Clinical Instructor

General Practice Residency Program

Kathleen A. Ausman DDS Program Director, Assistant Professor
Corinne M. Van Osdel DDS Assistant Professor
Daisy Wilka DDS Clinical Instructor
Madelyn Zastrow DDS Clinical Instructor

Department of Oral Biology

James K. Wahl, III BS, PhD Department Chair, Professor

Anatomic Sciences Section

Shayla D. Yoachim BS, PhD Associate Professor

Cell Biology Section

Keith R. Johnson BA, BEd, PhD Professor
Benjamin H. Kwok PhD Associate Professor
Ali Nawshad BS, MS, PhD Professor
Gregory G. Oakley BS, PhD Professor
James K. Wahl, III BS, PhD Professor

Microbiology/Immunology Section

Thomas M. Petro PhD Professor

Oral Maxillofacial Pathology/Radiology Section

Peter J. Giannini DDS, MS Associate Professor
Nagamani Narayana DMD, MS Professor

Pharmacology Section

Gregory G. Oakley BS, PhD Professor

Biochemistry/Physiology Section

Larry D. Crouch BSEd, MS, PhD Associate Professor
Dona J. McCanlies BS, MPE, PhD Professor

Department of Surgical Specialties

J. Bruce Bavitz DMD Department Chair, Professor

Endodontics Program

Hany-Anwar M. Makkawy DDS Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Endodontics
Michael McNally DDS Assistant Professor
Anne E. Williamson DDS, MS Professor, Director of Postgraduate Endodontics

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program

J. Bruce Bavitz DMD Professor, Director of Oral Surgery

Periodontics Program

Matthew R. Byarlay DDS, MS Associate Professor, Director of Postgraduate Periodontics
Megan Christensen RDH, BS Assistant Professor, Co-Director Undergraduate Periodontics
Amy C. Killeen DDS, MS Associate Professor
Jeffrey B. Payne DDS, MDentSc Professor
Richard A. Reinhardt DDS, MS, PhD Professor, Co-Director Undergraduate Periodontics
Gerald J. Tussing DDS, MSD Professor