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Selection Factors

Students are selected on the basis of a total assessment of each candidate's motivation, interests, character, demonstrated intellectual ability, previous academic record including its trends, personal interview, scores on the MCAT, and general fitness and promise for a career in medicine. Academic credentials are evaluated on the basis of course level and load, involvement in co-curricular activities or employment, and other influential factors. The personal comments section of the AMCAS application is considered extremely important by the Admissions Committee and should be carefully utilized. 

Cut-off levels for GPAs or for scores on the MCAT are not used; however, applicants are reminded of the competition for entrance and are advised to be realistic. Personal attributes are assessed through letters of reference and in the interview. The College makes every effort in each stage of the review process to consider each applicant as an individual; therefore, the interview is an important element of the selection process. 

UNMC encourages applicants from rural areas, small towns, disadvantaged backgrounds, and applicants who can sincerely demonstrate a strong desire to work in underserved communities and in improving health inequities to apply. 

Technical Standards

The Admissions Committee considers, without bias, all applicants who meet the technical standards