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Graduate Committee
Dr. Andrew Dudley (Co-Chair & Program Co-Director), Dr. Kyle Hewlett (Co-Chair & Program Co-Director) Dr. Jennifer Black, Dr. Kishor Bhakat, Dr. Bin Duan, Dr. Gargi Ghosal, and Dr. Shantaram Joshi

The MS in Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology is a Thesis Track program that includes coursework and research, and is designed to enhance a career in biomedical research, medicine or dentistry.

MS Curriculum

The curriculum is uniquely designed to complement each student's background as well as their master's thesis research project. The MS degree is awarded upon completion of the approved curriculum, passing the comprehensive examination (i.e., writing a review article related to the thesis topic), and completion of a research project that results in a written thesis with an oral defense. Completion of degree requirements generally requires 2 years.


Required Courses
MGCB 970SEMINAR (each Fall and Spring)1
MGCB 903JOURNAL CLUB (each Fall and Spring)1
Four additional graduate-level courses
These courses must be graded (not Pass/Fail) and will be identified by the student's Advisory Committee based on the student's background and research area. The specific curriculum will be designed in consultation with the research mentor and approved by the MGCB Graduate Program Committee.
Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) / Ethics Training