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Policy Scope

This policy applies to all Radiation Therapy (RTT) students.

Policy Statement

The pregnancy policy is a voluntary program intended to provide safety for pregnant students and their fetus, who are occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation. In the event of a suspected or confirmed pregnancy, it is the responsibility of the student to advise their program director in writing of their condition. Pregnancy will not affect the student’s enrollment in the academic courses in the program. However, due to the physical requirements placed upon the student in the clinical courses and assignments, and to comply with the Nebraska Administrative code to keep the radiation exposure to the fetus as low as reasonably achievable (no more than 5 mSv during the entire gestation period), the following procedures will apply:

  1. The student may voluntarily report suspected or confirmed pregnancy to the program director. At that time, UNMC/The Nebraska Medical Center policies and procedures and the Program Policies and Procedures Manual pregnancy policy will be reviewed with the student. Once the student has elected to declare suspected or confirmed pregnancy, the student should:
  2. Complete the form “UNIVERSITY of NEBRASKA MEDICAL CENTER DECLARATION OF PREGNANCY” and forward it to the Radiation Safety Office.
  3. The Radiation Safety Office will determine the estimated radiation dose from the time of conception to the date of declaration based on dosimetry records and calculate the permissible remaining dose to the embryo/fetus for the remainder of the pregnancy.
  4. Clinical assignments will be reviewed Upon review of the findings and recommendations of the Radiation Safety Officer or Medical Radiation Physicist. Clinical assignments will only be altered if the fetus receives the maximum permissible dose. Any clinical competencies not completed for reasons related to pregnancy must be successfully completed before graduation.
  5. Provide the program director with a written indication of intent to:
  6. continue in the program, or
    1. take a medical leave of absence with the intent to complete the program (form available from CAHP Academic & Student Affairs), or
    2. withdraw from the program (form available from CAHP Academic and Student Affairs).
  7. The student should provide the program director with written consent from their physician providing medical advice for:
    1. continuing in the program as a full-time student, and/or
    2. any limitations placed upon the student while enrolled in the program.

A student may also voluntarily withdraw their declaration of pregnancy at any time. (See form.)