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MRI Safety Policy

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) students.

Policy Statement

The UNMC MRI Program is dedicated to providing safe clinical experiences for students. This policy serves to define safe MR practices for students and reflects current American College of Radiology MR Safety guidelines to assure that all students are appropriately screened for magnetic field or radiofrequency hazards.

There are no known biological risks associated with magnetic field or radiofrequency exposure to students that work in close proximity to MRI systems. The static magnetic field of the MRI machine is always on requiring that Zones III and IV be secured at all times. Ferromagnetic objects carried into Zone IV can become projectiles that may cause severe injury, death, or equipment failure.

MRI machines generate strong magnetic fields and radiofrequencies in the areas within and surrounding the MRI scanner, therefore all individuals must be screened to ensure safety prior to entering Zones III or IV of the MR environment. MR students will be educated to maintain safety in the MR environment prior to beginning clinical rotation assignment.


All students will be required to complete an MRI screening form prior to start of the program and again during program orientation. The Clinical Coordinator will review this form privately with each student. These forms are kept in the student’s private program file.

Throughout the duration of the program, if a student has a change in their medical history that would change their MR screening status, they are required to alert the Clinical Coordinator before participating in any clinical rotations. Students are also required to successfully complete MRI Safety Training for Level 1 personnel prior to clinical rotations. Upon successful completion of Level 1 training, students may enter Zone III and Zone IV unaccompanied. However, students may not grant any individual (i.e., patient, visitor, or non-MRI staff) access to Zone IV without a certified MRI Technologist present.

Students must comply with each clinical site’s policies and procedures on MR safety.

Any incident in which a student is responsible for a breach into Zone IV must be reported by completing a Safety Incident Report Form. The student is also responsible for notifying the Clinical Coordinator of the incident the same day the event occurs. Each incident will be reviewed with the student by the Clinical Coordinator. If a student continues to be responsible for unsafe MRI practices, disciplinary action may occur.