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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Student Pregnancy Policy

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) students.

Policy Statement

The ACR Manual on MR Safety states that health care providers may continue to work in the MR environment throughout all stages of pregnancy. Acceptable activities include, but are not limited to, positioning patients, scanning, archiving, injecting contrast, and entering the MR system room in response to an emergency. Although permitted to work in and around the MR environment, pregnant health care practitioners are requested not to remain within the MR scanner bore or Zone IV during actual data acquisition or scanning. These recommendations are based on the preponderance of data on 3T magnetic fields. There is a scarcity of data available to date regarding human pregnancy exposures to 7T magnetic fields. The MRI student must ensure she follows currently accepted safety practices for health care providers in the MRI environment. (ACR Manual on MR Safety, 2020)

Students may voluntarily report suspected or confirmed pregnancy to the MRI Program Director in writing. The student will be advised that she may continue her educational program without modification. At the time of declaration to the program, the UNMC policies and procedures and the MRI Program specific policies and procedures will be reviewed with the student. Student who fails to disclose a pregnancy should know that the program cannot assist her in offering protection to her or her embryo/fetus.

Any student making a voluntary written declaration of pregnancy may withdraw their declaration of pregnancy at any time. Withdrawal must be done in writing to the MRI Program Director.  

All forms related to the student's voluntary declaration of pregnancy are kept in the secured student files.