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Supervision of Students

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) students.

Policy Statement

Clinical Supervision of Students: All Diagnostic Medical Sonography students must have adequate and proper supervision during all clinical assignments as specified by individual institutional, programmatic, and accreditation policies. The following conditions constitute adequate and appropriate supervision.


  1. During the fall semester, direct one-on-one supervision with a sonographer will be provided to the student for all examination procedures regardless of type of exam or degree of difficulty. Direct one-on-one supervision involves having a sonographer present during the entire procedure if a student is observing or performing an examination.
  2. During spring semester, students will receive direct one-on-one supervision for examination procedures which, in the opinion of the supervising sonographer, are beyond the student’s capacity to perform without full supervision. If a procedure is determined to be within the student’s capacity to perform, partial direct supervision will be provided to the student. Partial direct supervision involves periodic checks on the student’s progress during an exam and assistance with the exam as requested by the student or at the discretion of the sonographer.
  3. During the summer semester, students will receive one-on-one, direct, partial direct, or indirect supervision depending on the student’s capacity to perform an examination. If indirect supervision is deemed appropriate by the supervising sonographer, the student may perform the examination in its entirety without sonographer supervision. Sonographer assistance will be available at the student’s request. The supervising sonographer will scan after the student has completed the exam.
  4. Direct one-on-one supervision is required for all sonographic guided and anatomically sensitive procedures (e.g., breast, genitalia, or intracavitary exams) regardless of the semester or the student’s capacity to perform the exam.
  5. Any sonographic exam performed by a DMS student must also be scanned by a sonographer.

Laboratory Supervision of Students: The DMS Program uses scheduled educational scanning labs as a component of the program. These labs are performed under the direct supervision of an appropriately credentialed sonographer. All scan lab models, including DMS students, are required to review and sign the Scan Model Consent and the Ultrasound Scan Lab Policy Form.